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Wong Ming Yang
Wong Ming Yang profile.png
Died28 October 1982
EducationBachelor of Medicine

Bachelor of Chiropody

Master of Arts
Alma materUniversity of Cambridge
Spouse(s)Lee Hsien Loong (m. 1978 - 1982)

Wong Ming Yang (1951 - 28 October 1982) was the first wife of Singapore's Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong and the mother of Li Xiuqi and Li Yipeng.[1] She was a doctor at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, the United Kingdom at the time of her marriage to Lee Hsien Loong.[2]



Wong Ming Yang was born in 1951 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to parents who worked as an insurance manager and a teacher. She had a brother, Wong Kok Kien, who was also a doctor.[3]


Wong Ming Yang was a student of Bukit Bintang Girls’ School and Victoria Institution which were both located in Kuala Lumpur.[2] She then studied at Girton College in Cambridge University and graduated with two Bachelor's degrees in Medicine and Chiropody (a branch of medicine dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of the feet). She also held a Master of Arts degree.[3] Before starting her tenure as a physician at Addenbrookes Hospital, Wong did her training at Middlesex Hospital in London.[2]

Personal life

Lee Hsien Loong and Wong Ming Yang on their wedding day. Photo from source.

According to her mother, Wong Ming Yang first met Lee Hsien Loong in 1973 while they were both studying at Cambridge University.[3][4] After university, Wong Ming Yang continued working as a doctor in Cambridge while Lee Hsien Loong returned to Singapore in 1974 to serve as in the Singapore Armed Forces.[3] Lee Hsien Loong's paternal grandfather, Lee Chin Koon, told The Straits Times that:

"They (Wong Ming Yang and Lee Hsien Loong) were in university together and became very good friends. They continued to keep in touch after Hsien Loong came back to Singapore."[2]

Marriage to Lee Hsien Loong

Wong Ming Yang and Lee Hsien Loong pictured in 1978 with their parents. Photo from source.

In May 1978, Wong, then 27, married a 26-year-old Lee Hsien Loong in a quiet ceremony at the Registry of Marriages in Singapore.[5][3] The wedding was only attended by the immediate family of both sides, including Lee Hsien Loong’s paternal grandparents.[3] In 1980, Wong gave birth to their first child, Li Xiuqi.[1] Two years later, the couple had their second child, Li Yipeng who was born with albinism.[6][7]


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On 28 October 1982, just three weeks after giving birth to Li Yipeng, Wong Ming Yang passed away at the age of 31. She had reportedly suffered a heart attack the night before.[6] After being taken to the Coronary Care Unit at Singapore General Hospital, Wong passed away at 12.30 AM.[1][6] The cause of her death was determined as a myocardial infarction. In a letter written by Lee Hsien Loong's mother, Kwa Geok Choo, that was reproduced by Lee Wei Ling and published in 2011, the former noted moments of her son's grief. She wrote:

"The first dinner must have been painful for him because it was less than a month before that he and Ming Yang were at a similar dinner, and at times, I saw his face drawn with pain and his eyes filled with tears. The second dinner, he was a little more composed. He must and will get over it. But it's so painful."[7]

Cornea donation

At the time of Wong’s passing, it was reported that her family opted to donate her corneas to patients who required cornea transplants.[8] Her corneas were donated to Yeo Buck Hock, a student and Low Thoe Guan, a mechanic.[9][8] Both recipients received successful transplants on the same day that Wong passed and could see and read a few weeks after their operations.[10]

Lee Hsien Loong’s eulogy

On 31 October 1982, Lee Hsien Loong gave his eulogy for his late wife, Wong Ming Yang at her funeral service. He reminisced on the many memories Wong and him shared, saying:

“I remember her for her support and encouragement in rough times, for her strength in adversity, and for her tactful advice in all matters. I remember her for her warmth, her habit of making little telling gestures, and recalling in person little personal details, which showed her natural concern for and empathy with others. I remember her for the time we spent together, for the 10 years we have had. When she was not with me, in spirit she was always by my side, a constant inspiration to me to do her proud.”[5]

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