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Jaze Phua Jiawei
Jaze Phua.jpg
EducationDiploma in Animation
Alma materNanyang Polytechnic

Jaze Phua (born 1992) is an actor and film-maker based in Singapore. In 2019, his "Naruto-inspired Mirror Run Challenge" went viral on social media. That same year, his parody video of the Avenger's End Game (2019) trailer received praise from Mark Ruffalo and Anthony and Joseph Russo - the directors of the Hollywood film.[1] Before his virality, Jaze Phua has produced and directed comedy sketches, web-series and short films - some of which have won awards. As of April 2020, he is listed as the founder of Pandastic Media - a media agency with a focus on social media content.[2]



In 2015, Jaze lost his mother to cancer.[3] His short-film titled An Open Letter from the Son of a Cancer Mom - The Gift《礼物》(2015) had been inspired by his relationship with her.[4]


Jaze graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a diploma in animation.[5] While in NYP, Jaze and his teammates won a host of awards for their animation First Drop (2012).[6] Following that, he went to Nanyang Technological University (NTU) where he majored in film.[7] Jaze did not complete his university education, having withdrawn from the course to pursue his film career.[8]

Acting & films

Jaze mostly uploads his creative work for public consumption on YouTube and Instagram. He has acted alongside Benjamin Kheng and Naomi Yeo in Toggle's Dead Lucky (2018) - a nine-part action series of which Jaze was also the Production Designer.[9]


Jaze Phua in Dead Lucky (2018). Thumbnail from YouTube video.

As a digital film-maker, Jaze has produced versatile content ranging from comedy sketches to music videos. The table below highlights some of his prominent work.

Year Production Season Episodes Refs.
2018 Dead Lucky (Series) 1 9 Playlist
2017 The Rule Breakers (Series) 1 5 Playlist
I Cannot Life (Series) 1 4 Playlist
2014 The Rule Breakers 2 - The Streets (Short Film) - - Video
The Rule Breakers - Class Fight (Short Film) - - Video

His award-winning productions can be found in the following section below.


On YouTube, Jaze has collaborated with other Singaporean content creators like Tree Potatoes, Wah!Banana and Trevmonki. In 2015, he was a guest in Episode 6 of Yan Kay Kay's Babe of All Trades where he coached her on how to be an action actress.[10]

Award-winning productions

A still from With My Life (2017) - which tells the story of a father-daughter pairing in an apocalyptic world. Screengrab from YouTube video.

Over the years, Jaze has submitted his films in an array of competitions. He has received the following awards for his work.

Year Award/Title Film Awarding Organisation(s) Refs.
2017 Best Art Direction (Open Category) With My Life (2017) ciNE65 Short Film Competition Video
2016 Winner The Time Washer (2016) Maker Studios x Media Authority Singapore Video
2015 Second Runner-up The Fragments (2015) Cathay Motion Picture Awards Video
2014 Singapore Outstanding Creativity Award The Rule Breakers - Class Fight (2014) Digicon Asia Competition Video
Audience Choice Award The Cabbage (2014) 48hours Film Competition Video
Best Acting (Male) Award
2012 First Runner-up First Drop (2012) First Film Festival Video
First Prize TBS Digicon 6 Award
Gold (3D ANIMATION) Crowbar Award
Gold (Film Craft - ANIMATION)
Gold (Film Craft - Art Direction)
Silver (Film Craft-Directing)
Bronze (Film Craft-Cinematography)

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