Ben Tang (Singapore Influencer)

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Ben Tang
Dee Kosh Ben Tang.jpg
Born26 June 1994
Alma materMillennia Institute

Ben Tang (born 26 June 1994) is an influencer managed by Dee Kosh (Darryl Koshy). Over the years, he has been recognised for his numerous appearances on Dee Kosh's YouTube channel. As of June 2020, Ben has over 123,000 followers on Instagram and 15,000 followers on TikTok.



In a 2018 Muk Bang (an eating broadcast) live stream with the South Korean YouTuber, GRAZY GRACE, Ben mentioned that he was then a final-year tertiary student reading Economics and Finance.[1]


As of 2020, Ben Tang is one of the talents managed by Dee Kosh. He was the first personality to be introduced on Dee Kosh’s YouTube platform.[2]

Dee Kosh - Talent (2015 - present day)

Ben pictured in the thumbnail of a 2015 video on the Dee Kosh YouTube channel.

Ben made his first appearance on Dee Kosh's channel on 30 October 2015 in a video titled ‘Overused Horror Scenes’.[3] The following is a list of some of his notable appearances over the years.

Year Video title Refs.
2019 The ULTIMATE Mobile Legends Quiz Video Link
2017 That CB Friend Video Link
2016 If My Stomach Was An Indian Woman Video Link
Ugly People VS Good Looking People Video Link
2015 Types of Guys Waiting For National Service Video Link

Other than acting in comedy skits, Ben has also done the occasional vlog.[4][5]

Guest features

Ben has also been a featured guest and actor on YouTube channels such as Naomi Neo and the JianHao Tan. He is a supporting character in JianHao Tan's T1T5 series, having appeared in several videos. He plays the role of an aloof basketball player who is also the love interest of Debbie (Debbie Soon).

Ben and Debbie pictured as their eponymous characters in T1T5. Photo from Instagram.
Year Channel Video title Refs.
2020 JianHao Tan 13 Types of Students Doing Homework Video link
2019 Naomi Neo 7 Signs He's Not Into You Video link
JianHao Tan 11 Types of Student Relationships Video link
16 Types of Students on Picture Day Video link
13 Types of Students in Group Projects Video link
12 Types of Reactions to Exam Results Video link
2018 12 Types of Students Before Exams Video link
GRAZY GRACE MukBang Blind Date W/ Ben Tang! Video link

In December 2019, Ben was announced as one of the characters in the T1T5 movie production titled 'School Trip The Movie'.[6]

Other endeavours


Apart from YouTube, Ben has also dabbled in modelling, having worked with several brands in recent years. In 2019, Ben and Shi Song, another online personality managed by Dee Kosh, were invited to attend a Calvin Klein fashion event in Seoul, South Korea.[7] Ben was also one of the faces of the PUMA social media campaign in 2019 titled '#PUMANSOFSG'.[8] A year earlier, he modelled the PUMA Suede 50th Collection in a video advertisement produced by Lifestyle Asia.[9][10][11]

Collaborations & brand representation

In 2017, Ben had been one of the personalities featured in Grab x Tinder's marketing campaign in 2017.[12][13][14][15] That same year, he and Dee Kosh partnered were featured on Casio Singapore's YouTube channel where they tested the durability of the GA700 G-Shock watch in a social media campaign titled 'G-Shock Absolute Tough Challenge'.[16]

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