Debbie Soon

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Debbie Soon
Debbie Soon.png
Born3 April 1997
Alma materQueenstown Secondary School
Height165 cm (5 ft 5 in)
Spouse(s)JianHao Tan (m. 2019)
ChildrenStarley Tan (b. 2019)

Debbie Soon (born 3 April 1997) is a Singaporean influencer under Titan Digital Media.[1] She is married to the Singaporean YouTuber, JianHao Tan.[2][3] As of September 2022, Debbie has over 415,000 followers on Instagram.[4]



After achieving a score of 219 for her Primary School Leaving examinations (PSLE),[5] Debbie enrolled in Queensway Secondary School.[6] She then furthered her studies in Hotel Management[7] at Singapore Polytechnic.[8][9] Debbie eventually withdrew from the polytechnic course, having stated that she had not enjoyed it.[5]

Marriage to Jianhao Tan

JianHao and Debbie pictured at their solemnisation ceremony in 2019. Photo from Instagram.

The couple first met at the pet grooming salon where Debbie had been working at.[10] At the time, JianHao had intended to bring his pet Pomeranian for grooming. Debbie and JianHao started dating in 2015 and by March 2019, the two were engaged.[2][10][11][12] JianHao proposed to Debbie by pranking her into attending a fake Skechers launch event that he orchestrated.[13] The couple had their solemnisation ceremony at Rasa Sentosa in Singapore on 21 May 2019.[14][15]


On 14 April 2019, the couple announced that they were pregnant with their first child.[16] When the announcement was made, Debbie was already sixteen weeks pregnant.[17] Debbie and JianHao organised a gender reveal party, announcing that they were having a daughter.[18] Debbie gave birth to Starley on 19 September 2019.[3][19] The family owns a vlogging channel, JEBBEY FAMILY, which was previously under the name KINGHAO. As of September 2022, the channel currently has 763,000 subscribers.[20]


Early Career - Pet groomer and baker

One of the custom dog-friendly cakes by Debbie when she was running The Woof Barkery. Photo from Instagram.

Before becoming an influencer, Debbie worked as a pet groomer.[21][22] She also used to run a pet bakery called The Woof Barkery[23] having been skilled in making baked goods for dogs.[22] In an interview on The Team Titan Show, Debbie shared that she stopped running the business because her lifestyle involved impromptu travel plans that left little time for entertaining potential customers.[22]


Debbie has advertised for brands like Shopee[24], London Weight Management[25] and Somethinc[26] on her Instagram page.

Titan Digital Media - Actress and host

Debbie pictured in the thumbnail for one of her Expecting Soon episodes. Photo from YouTube.

As a personality under Titan Digital Media, Debbie is often featured in videos on the following YouTube channels - JianHao Tan, LADIES FIRST, THE IN CENTRAL, TITAN GAMERS, and PLAYTIME TV.[1] These channels are under Titan Digital Media.

Debbie plays the eponymous character 'Debbie' in The Titan Academy (School Series), also known as Class T1T5, on the JianHao Tan YouTube channel. On LADIES FIRST, Debbie was one of the hosts for Bridesmaid Duties and the main host for Expecting Soon.


Debbie has made video appearances on YouTube channels like Night Owl Cinematics and Ridhwan Azman.[27][28] She was the guest star in the sixteenth episode of the meWATCH series Prank It! which aired on 24 January 2020.[29]

Other ventures

WooW - Dessert Bar Manager (2016 - 2017)

Debbie was the manager at WooW - a dessert bar that was founded by JianHao and two other partners in August 2016.[30] By September 2017, JianHao and Debbie were no longer working with WooW due to internal conflicts with the other partners.[10] In the interview, Debbie also mentioned that she had prior experience working in the F&B industry before joining WooW.

The Starry Co - Founder (2020 - Present)

In 2020, Debbie established the online jewellery brand, The Starry Co.[31] According to the store’s website, they produce locally-designed Diamond Simulant pieces for everyday wear.[32] The brand’s name was inspired by her daughter, Starley.[32]

Media coverage

Mustshare News (2019)

On 21 March 2019, Mustshare News ran an article on Debbie, detailing facts about her early career and relationship with Jianhao Tan.[8] In it, she reveals that she met Jianhao while working as a pet groomer for his Pomeranian, Buncha.[8] The two would later publicly reveal their relationship in 2016 through a YouTube video.[8][11]

Yahoo! Singapore (2019)

Debbie was featured in a Yahoo!Singapore article on 17 April 2019 with her husband Jianhao Tan, which covered her pregnancy and the couple’s preparations as they welcomed their first child.[17] In this article, she shared how she had suspicions that she was pregnant after her period tracker notified her that her period was 57 days late.[17] Following a pregnancy test, the couple scheduled a doctor’s appointment to confirm the pregnancy.[17]

The couple also revealed that building a family together was their “ultimate goal”, and while this pregnancy “came a little bit earlier than expected”, they were still “really excited”.[16][17]

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