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Titus Low (born 20 December 1999)[1] is a male Singaporean who falls in the top 0.04% of local OnlyFans creators.[2]

Titus first started his OnlyFans account on April 2021[3], posting nude pictures and videos of him self-pleasuring. To date, he has amassed over 20,000 likes on OnlyFans.[2]


Titus Low. Photo from Rice Media.


Titus Low graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a diploma in Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management in 2019.[4]


Titus used to live with his family in Bishan, before moving out into his own rental apartment.[5] He has stated that he is not close to his parents[5], although they are supportive of him pursuing a career in social media.[3]


Titus Low. Photo from Instagram.
OnlyFans creator (April 2021 - Present)

Titus first heard about OnlyFans in April 2020, where he first learnt about the platform from other OnlyFans creators overseas.[3] It was only in April 2021 that he created an account and started posting content. Subscription to his OnlyFans cost $20 per month.[2]

“Because I see some guys, they have been doing it also. Not in Singapore, then I was like, why not just try it.”[3]

Income from OnlyFans

Titus has claimed to earn a 5 digit figure monthly from his OnlyFans venture.[5] He is currently living in a $9,000 rental condo apartment with one other roommate.[6] He has also spent on various other luxuries as well. He owns a $150K Mercedes car along with a $3,000 two-piece Prada set.[3]

Titus also owns 2 cats and a dog. One of his cats is called “Simba”, and is a pure-bred ragdoll which cost Titus $5,000[5] and the other is called Nala[3], another designer cat that cost him $500. Charlie, Titus’s Labrador, cost him $9,000.[5]

OnlyFans audience

Titus has estimated that the bulk of his audience demographic is male with only 30 percent of his followers being female.[5] Most of Titus' followers appear to come from overseas as well.[6] He has also stated that he does not meet up with fans, and is strictly not a sex escort.[5]

Titus also accepts custom requests from his audience when creating content for his OnlyFans account, stating that he has received numerous weird requests.

“I got one request, it’s very weird. So like topless, in my only uniform, eating cup noodles.”[7]

Leaked content and police investigations (October 2021)

Titus has had his OnlyFans content, which is locked behind a paywall, leaked by others before.[6] In October 2021, police visited Titus at his apartment on grounds that his nudes had been circulating around social media platforms like WhatsApp and Twitter.[6] Titus’s phone and iPad were subsequently surrendered to the authorities in order to aid in the investigation.

“A challenge I continue to face is from people who leak my content. It’s just not cool, you know, imagine the hard work you put into your content—then people resell it, and you get no profit at all. It’s not fair.”[6]

Titus speculated that his content might have possibly been leaked by his competitors as a result of jealousy.[5]

Court charges

On 30 December 2021,  Titus appeared in a district court after he allegedly continued accessing his OnlyFans account despite being given a police order not to do so.[8] As a result, he was charged under the Criminal Procedure code for failing to comply with the aforementioned police order.[8]  

At the same time, he was given two charges for transmitting obscene materials by electronic means.[9]

Further investigations into new offences, including a further breach of the police order, are currently being conducted.[10]

Future endeavors

At present, Titus is currently looking to expand the “Titus Low” brand. He has stated in interviews that he intends to become a celebrity, and even hopes to be on television in the future.[4]

He has since launched a YouTube channel, which has amassed almost 2,000 subscribers.[11] He will be posting more lifestyle content and vlogs on his YouTube channel.

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