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Xin Lin Khaw (born 12 February 1993) is an influencer and actress known for her role as Debbie in Channel 8’s 2021 drama, Live Your Dreams 大大的梦想.[1] Other than her presence on social media platforms, she also regularly documents her life through YouTube vlogs and a personal blog, XINLINNN.[2][3]

Xin Lin Khaw
Xin Lin Khaw.png
Born12 February 1993
EducationBachelor's Degree
Alma materNational University of Singapore, Hwa Chong Institution

As of September 2022, she has gained 164,000 followers on Instagram, 19,900 followers on TikTok, as well as over 352,500 views and 5,160 subscribers on YouTube.[4][5][2]


Personal Life

Xin Lin Khaw was born and raised in Singapore and is married to legal counsel, Lim Hao Jie, who she met while pursuing her studies at the National University of Singapore (NUS).[6] As of 2022, the couple has been in a relationship for 6 years and became engaged in October 2021.[7][8] They tied the knot in July 2022.[9]

Xin Lin Khaw pictured with her husband, Lim Hao Jie. Photo from Instagram.


According to one of Xin Lin Khaw’s blog posts, she was from a “neighbourhood” secondary school. She then secured a spot in one of Singapore’s top junior colleges, Hwa Chong Institution.[10][11] Despite this achievement, she had been very candid about the struggles and pressures she faced during her junior college journey, sharing her thoughts and reflections on her online blog. [10][11]

Later on, Xin Lin began pursuing a major in English Language and Linguistics at NUS, and was a resident of Sheares Hall.[12][13] She graduated in 2016.[13]

Xin Lin Khaw got engaged in October 2021 and held her wedding shortly after in July 2022. Photos from Instagram, Instagram.


Influencer (Present)

Xin Lin Khaw is an influencer with an online following of over 164,000 on Instagram and over 19,900 on TikTok.[4][5] She often posts about her travels to foreign destinations like Italy, Thailand, and Bali.[4] Xin Lin also regularly partners with brands like Shiseido, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, KrisShop; she is currently an ambassador of Japanese eyewear brand, Owndays.[4]

“I’m someone who really likes to connect with people, so being on a social media space allows me to do that on my own time, with a lot of flexibility and opportunity to connect with people whether they’re younger than me or older than me, for us to share our experience with each other.”[14]

Blogger (2003 to Present)

Xin Lin Khaw writes and posts content on her personal blog, XINLINNN.[3] In an interview with Startup Media SG, Xin Lin Khaw spoke of how she began her blog when she was 10 years old.[14] Since then, she has often curated both lifestyle and personal content, including diary-styled entries about her school life and detailed beauty advice.[3]

“I started my blog when I was 10 and I’ve never imagined that what started out as like, a FOMO amongst my schoolmates will become like, my full-time job today.”[14]

A “Travelogue” entry from Xin Lin Khaw’s blog, XINLINNN. Photo from XINLINNN.

YouTube (2015 to Present)

Similar to her social media and blog content, Xin Lin Khaw posts vlogs of her travels abroad and shopping hauls.[2] Most recently, she has begun documenting her and husband’s home purchase and renovation journey as new homeowners.[15]

“I dream of having a bilingual YouTube channel so that I can actually use my content and you know, whatever influence I have on this space to let the young people nowadays know that knowing more than one language itself has its own benefits and you know, all this usage goes beyond the classrooms.[14]

Xin Lin Khaw in her HDB home in Punggol. Photo from Instagram.

Actress (2021)

Xin Lin Khaw (far left) joins the cast of Live Your Dreams as aspiring idol trainee, “Debbie”. Photo from YouTube.

Xin Lin Khaw made her acting debut as aspiring idol trainee, Debbie on Mediacorp and Channel 8’s drama, Live Your Dreams 大大的梦想.[1] The drama aired in 2021 with a total of 16 episodes.[1]

Media Coverage

Featured on 8 DAYS for her inspirational home

In an 8 DAYS article published on 13 September 2022, Xin Lin Khaw shared that she and her husband had tried seven times for a BTO flat before settling down with a 5-room resale flat in Punggol instead.[16] According to the actress, she and her husband had viewed over 30 flats across a half-year period before purchasing one. She also admits that they paid a “very high” price for the six-year-old flat, which had a waterway view and was kept in great condition. The couple moved into the flat in July 2022.[16]

"We had very terrible luck. We went for the big projects but yet we couldn’t get anything. So in 2020, we decided to look at the resale market instead ‘cos we realised we were not that young to wait another five years for the flat to be built. Also we wanted a place to stay when we got married,"[16]

The couple spent around $100,000 renovating the unit to give it a "Scandinavian-farmhouse" makeover.[16]


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