Why Mozzies Only Bite You

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They all say that people with Blood Type O are mozzie magnets. Is it really because your blood is sweeter than everyone else’s?

Enough of these speculations. My name is Dr Mopi Koh and I’m here to tell you why YOU are a tasty snacc.

Most mozzies do have a sweet tooth. Just like bees and butterflies, we feed on plant nectar. That is, until our females get pregnant. You see, only female mosquitos drink human blood to produce eggs.

When my wife had our kids, she craved the blood of these 3 people: The Fitspo King, The Pregnant Lady, and The Blood-type O.

#1. The Fitspo King

People who work out are wayyy more attractive to mosquitoes. My wife stans people who work out. Not because of your gains but because of your BO.

The cocktail of lactic acid, bacteria and sweat on your skin is what gets you bitten. The dirtier your skin, the sweeter your aroma.

Also, Momma mosquitoes prefer dark colours that stand out during the day. If you’re werking it in the park for those biceps AND you’re wearing black… you’ve earned our ladies’ undivided attention.

Besides colour, mosquitoes can see you when you move a lot. It’s how we pick humans out from the trees and buildings.

When you exercise, you’re also releasing more carbon dioxide, making you a prime target. This brings me to our next mozzie magnet: Pregnant ladies.

#2. The Pregnant Lady

Ladies, if you are 7 to 9 months pregnant, you’re a catch.

Compared to an average person, pregnant women exhale way more CO2. Mozzies have built-in sensors that lock in on your CO2 emissions.

Pregnant ladies also have higher body temperatures, making them easier “prey”. Our females use heat to zone in on the best feeding spot.

#3. The Blood Type O

Some humans blame their blood type. The stats confirm that if you’re a blood type O, you’re more likely to get bitten. On the other hand, they are least attracted to blood type A.

But it’s not because one tastes better than the other. It’s because most Blood Type Os are secretors.

Secretors carry a gene where their bodily fluids indicate their blood type. Female mosquitoes love this.

Don’t feel so bad about yourself if you’re a secretor, because you’re not alone. In fact, 4 out of 5 humans are secretors.

So it’s not about your blood tasting sweeter. You can consider this myth debunked. Mosquitoes are only attracted to your scent and CO2.

Don’t tell my wife, but here’s what you can do to avoid our ladies’ attention. If you’re drinking any carbonated beverage outdoors, you better slap on mosquito repellent.

Other than that… Keep clean, wear a light coloured shirt during the day and maybe you’ll escape.

But remember, our sensitive antennas can detect your scent up to 30 metres away. It’s still easy for us to find you anywhere.

That’s all from me, Mopi Koh out!