Velda Tan (Singapore Entrepreneur)

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Velda Tan
Velda Tan profile.jpg
Born3 September 1987
EducationGCE Advanced Level
Alma materPioneer Junior College
Spouse(s)Frederick Yap (m. 2012)

Velda Tan (born 3 September 1987) is a Singaporean entrepreneur and clothing designer with over a decade of experience in the e-commerce and fashion industries. For her contributions to these industries, she was featured on the Gen.T List of young industry leaders in 2016.[1] Velda is the founder of the women's wear line, Collate The Label and the co-founder of the lifestyle brand, Our Second Nature. In 2020, she was listed on Prestige Online's '40 Under 40' list.[2] As of September 2020, Velda has 160,000 followers on Instagram.



Velda Tan is the second-born child in her family. She has an older sister, Viola, and a younger sister, Vanya.[3]

Personal life

Velda and Frederick holding their newborn daughter, Ellery, in 2018. Photo from source.

Velda Tan is married to Frederick Yap with whom she has a daughter. The couple tied the knot in 2012 at Grand Hyatt Singapore where her two sisters and best friend-turned-business partner, Rachel Lim were her bridesmaids.[4] Velda and Frederick worked together at Love, Bonito before leaving the company in 2013. They then made a joint venture into the food and beverage industry, setting up a restaurant called Pince & Pints.[5] While Velda helped with the initial branding of the business, her husband runs the daily operations.[6] Velda is also a motorcycle enthusiast.[7]

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

In a 2017 Instagram post, Velda shared that she suffered from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS),[8] a condition that results in infertility and at times, the development of cysts in the ovaries.[9] An excerpt from the post reads as such:

“I found out I had PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) at my first proper gynae [sic] check 5 years ago, when Fred and I got married. This condition was a result of the stress of running my first business & my genetic make… I was put on horrible cycles of medication to stimulate egg growth, with no result, only more pain, more weight gain, and cycle after cycle of disappointment.”[10]

After seeing two gynaecologists and multiple rounds of treatment,[11] Velda successfully conceived in 2017 and gave birth to Ellery Grace Yap in January 2018.[12]


Velda Tan was a student at Methodist Girls’ School and Pioneer Junior College. She furthered her studies at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) but dropped out after two years.[6][13] Between 2013 and 2014, Velda attended two courses at Central Saint Martins, a college in London where she studied drawing, pattern-making and brand management.[6][14]


Velda Tan at Our Second Nature's pop-up during the 2019 Boutique Fair.

Love, Bonito (2006 - 2013)

Velda Tan co-founded the predecessor of Love, Bonito, BonitoChico, alongside her sister, Viola Tan and her best friend, Rachel Lim in 2006.[15] At the time, Velda was still a student in university. After leading the company through its rebranding in 2010 with her two partners, Velda Tan left Love, Bonito in 2013 to work independently as a fashion designer.[7] In an interview with High Net Worth that was published in 2015, Velda shared more about her decision to leave the company, saying:

“When I left Love, Bonito, it really crushed me. I had a hard time adjusting. . . I made the decision with no regrets, but I did not understand why my inner voice was telling me to leave.”[6]

Collate the Label (2015 - current)

Velda Tan pictured with her garments for Collate the Label. Photo credit to Yew Jia Jun/ HN Worth.

Velda Tan founded Collate The Label in 2015, two years after leaving her position at Love, Bonito.[16] The label made its runway debut at the 2015 iteration of Singapore Fashion Week where the brand presented 22 looks from its Pre Fall 2015 line.[17][18][19] The same year, Collate the Label opened its first pop-up store at Tangs Orchard.[20] The home-grown brand was also chosen to participate at Coterie, a three-day trade show in New York that was held in September 2015.[21] Collate the Label releases its collections four times a year according to various seasons - spring/summer, pre-fall, fall/winter and holiday.[20] As of September 2020, Collate the Label has over 31,000 followers on its Instagram page and retails online.

Our Second Nature (2017 - current)

In 2017, Velda Tan founded Our Second Nature alongside co-founder, Lauren Tan. Velda leads the design, merchandising, brand and marketing teams in the company.[2] Over the years, Our Second Nature has launched a retail space called 'Our Second Corner, at Boutique Fairs[22][23] while also retailing their products at various pop-up stores at various locations. The following is a list of Our Second Nature's pop-up spaces.

Year Store Location Refs.
2019 Our Stop For A Second Takashimaya shopping centre [24]
Second Museo Jeju Island, South Korea [25]
2018 Our Second Hangout Ann Siang Hill [26]
Our Second Wave TANGS at Tang Plaza [27]
2017 - The Glasshouse, CHIJMES [28]

In 2018, Our Second Nature opened its permanent walk-in boutique, Our Second Home, at Chip Bee Gardens.[29] The physical store boasts a retail space and an in-house café for patrons.[30] As of September 2020, Our Second Nature has over 64,000 followers on its Instagram page.

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