Sybil Lau

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Sybil Lau with Peter Ng at the Elections Department. Photo from Jason Quah, The Straits Times.
Sybil Lau with Peter Ng at the Elections Department. Photo from Jason Quah, The Straits Times.

Sybil Lau (born 1978) is a Singaporean citizen who is the fiancée of 2023 presidential election candidate Peter Ng Kok Song.[1]


Lau was born in Ottawa, Canada, but holds Singapore citizenship.[1][2]

Family & relationship

As of July 2023, Sybil is engaged to Peter Ng Kok Song, the former GIC chief investment officer. Her relationship status came into the spotlight when news outlets ran the story of Ng turning up at the Elections Department (ELD) and expressed his interest to run for the position.[3]

There is a 30-year age gap between Lau and Ng, and due to Lau's mother's passing in 2021, she has had to delay her wedding for 3 years as per Chinese customs.[1] In an article published by Mothership, Ng's three children from his previous marriage have given the couple their blessings.[1]


According to her LinkedIn profile, Lau graduated from Simon Fraser University in Canada with a Bachelor's degree in December 2000.[4]


Aside from her previous and current corporate stints, Lau also holds the position of board member of The Delta, SG Enable, WELL Health Technologies., and Dalio Family Office.[4]

SNC-Lavalin (2001 - 2002)

She started her career as an associate at SNC-Lavalin in Malaysia.[4]

China Global Consulting (2002 - 2005)

In 2002, she went onto co-found a global consulting firm in Guangzhou, China.[4]

Goldman Sachs (2005 - 2007), Credit Suisse (2007 - 2009)

She worked as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs for a period of 2 years, before working as an investment specialist at Credit Suisse.[4]

Chang Family Investments (2009 - present)

She then moved on to hold several positions at Chang Family Investments over the years, which ranged from Director Emerging Market Equities (2009 - 2011) and Head of Emerging Market Equities (2011 - 2015) to Head of Developed Markets Equities (2016 - 2017) and Chief Investment Officer from November 2017 to present.[4]

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