Soh Pei Shi

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Soh Pei Shi
Soh Pei Shi profile.jpg
Born7 September 1995
Alma materRepublic Polytechnic

Soh Pei Shi is a Singaporean lifestyle blogger and YouTuber (YouTube). As of July 2019, she has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, 160,000 followers on Twitter and 138,000 subscribers on YouTube. Pei Shi started blogging in 2011 and her first YouTube video was published in 2012. Since then, she has worked with other Singaporean creators such as JianHao and brands like Love, Bonito.

Personal life

Pei Shi pictured with her 100K subscribers YouTube play button. Photo from ZULA.

In secondary school, Pei Shi was often bullied, both online and in real life.[1] In a sharing with the female-centric publisher ZULA, Pei Shi mentioned that she was the target of bullies due to her quiet nature and small size. Her blog was first used as a platform to express her emotions but it eventually developed into a large part of her career.[2] Pei Shi is the middle child with an older brother and a sister 5 years younger than her.[3] In 2015, she graduated with a diploma from Republic Polytechnic.[4]

Pei Shi is close friends with Mediacorp artists, Jayley and Hayley Woo and blogger Rachell Tan. In 2016, they filmed a parody video for “Why”, a K-Pop song by Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation. As of July 2019, the parody is one of the most-viewed uploads on her YouTube channel with more than 110,000 views.[5]

Career highlights

Pei Shi collaborated with fellow Singaporean blogger, Bong Qiu Qiu, in a 2019 mukbang style YouTube video.
Pei Shi (left) was the Singaporean representative on the 2018 Korean variety beauty-reality show "Mimi Shop. Photo from Japarang.

Pei Shi has worked with brands such as Disney, Love, Bonito and Benefit Cosmetics to produce branded written and video content.[6] Her main sponsors are Cleo Hair and Make and Innovative Dermatological Solutions (IDS).

YouTube (2012 - Present day)

Pei Shi started a YouTube channel with the same user handle as her blog. Her content ranges from beauty and travel to mukbang videos. As of July 2019, her most viewed video is titled "3 min Natural Curl + See-Through Bangs” which has gained more than 534,000 views.[7]

In 2017, she was invited to two Laneige beauty events in Taipei, Taiwan[8] and Seoul, South Korea.[9] Pei Shi documented both experiences through two separate travel vlogs which she uploaded on her channel.

She has also been featured in many of JianHao's YouTube videos. In a 2012 video called "TED Ruins My Date With Pei Shi", she was featured as JianHao's love interest.[10] Most recently in 2019, she appeared in JianHao's "16 Types of Students on Picture Day".[11] Other than JianHao, Pei Shi has worked content creators like Bong Qiu Qiu.

Acting and variety shows (2013 - 2018)

In 2013, she was featured in her first video advertisement for Pepper Lunch. In the same year, Pei Shi made her acting debut in a local film titled “Everybody’s Business”. She played the supporting character Xinyi. The film told a story of several severe food-poisoning cases in Singapore due to unhygienic public lavatories. This resulted in the creation of a fictional “Ministry of Toilets” to solve the problem. The film featured veteran Mediacorp artists such as Gurmit Singh and Mark Lee.[12]

In 2015, Pei Shi made a cameo appearance in Mediacorp’s Channel 5 drama series “Lion Moms”. She played the rebellious character Lesley.[13] The plot is about three mothers who have the same aim of providing the finest to their kids.[14]

Pei Shi was featured in variety shows such as CBN’s "第一财经 - 头脑风暴-生于90年代 Talk Show" and JTBC4’s "Mimi Shop". During the CBN talk show, Pei Shi did an exclusive interview where she shared about her life as a blogger and YouTuber. She also provided advice to aspiring influencers.[15] During the filming of "Mimi Shop" in 2018, she interacted with international stars such as former 2NE1 member Sandara Park and Kang Seung Yoon from Winner.[16]

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