Sherrng (Ng Sher Ren)

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sherrng (real name Ng Sher Ren or 黃思恩) is a Singaporean Twitch streamer and social media influencer. She primarily livestreams gameplay of online competitive first-person shooter (FPS) titles such as VALORANT and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.[1]

sherrng is also known to be a talent for Singaporean media company Night Owl Cinematics (NOC), where she is dubbed their “first official gamer girl.”[2] sherrng refers to herself as a “professional noob” across all her social media accounts.


A selfie of sherrng. Photo from Instagram.

Despite being a public figure, sherrng does not disclose details of her personal life, including her family and education, to the public domain.

Professional streaming and influencer career

Follower and subscriber count

Apart from Twitch, sherrng has accounts on a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Below is a tabulation of sherrng’s follower and subscriber numbers on each platform (as of 5 December 2021):

Platform Follower/Subscriber Count Refs
Twitch 12,000 [1]
Facebook 8,133 [3]
Instagram 22,000 [4]
TikTok 7,337 [5]
YouTube 1,540 [6]
Steam Group 441 [7]
Discord 1,374 [8]
Twitter 256 [9]

Twitch streaming

Screenshot of sherrng livestreaming a gameplay session of VALORANT. Screenshot from Twitch.

sherrng’s livestreams range from gameplay content of online competitive FPS games to casual chat sessions with her followers.[10] Her livestream content does not adhere to a regular schedule.

sherrng is also credited for starting a Twitch community that she named “Professional Noob” after her self-coined nickname.[11] This community comprises other Twitch streamers who support her content, including mizchiefmagik, [12] milkibunni, [13] and WheelerKK.[14]

Social media influencing

sherrng’s career as a social media influencer primarily takes place on her Instagram account.[4] She is known to have secured a number of brand deals, with examples including Audio Technica,[15] Republic of Gamers (ROG),[16] and Zenyum.[17]

NOC talenting

sherrng photographed for NOC. Photo from NOC’s website.

sherrng also works as a talent for NOC, with her Instagram description indicating her affiliation with the company.[4] Dubbed as NOC’s “first official gamer girl”, sherrng has participated in a number of the company’s livestreams on their now-inactive Twitch channel NOCPlaysTwitch[18] and YouTube channel NOC Plays[19].

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