One Week Love (Singapore Reality Dating Show)

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One Week Love is a 10-episode reality dating show produced by TheSmartLocal that was officially premiered on YouTube on 18 October 2022.[1] The premise of the show puts nine attractive singles under one roof for a span of one week to see if the individuals can find love.[1] The show was directed and produced by TheSmartLocal, with the company’s founder, Bryan Choo, as the executive producer. The show was also done in partnership with brands, some of them being Lyf@Funan, HipVan and Meadows.[1]

In the context of the show, Bryan also revealed the following:

“Clients are looking for novel ways to engage with consumers as readers these days are desensitised to the typical advertisement. It’s all about being creative to have your work stand out, and this can be quite costly. We feel apart from being a dating show with a great concept, One Week Love is also a one-of-a-kind product and we’re glad so many brands have come on board for our first season. We’ve gotten them amazing ROI to their core audiences are we’re now exploring partners for our second season”.[1]

As of November 2022, the show has garnered more than 1.5 million views across its 10 episodes on YouTube.[2]

The One Week Love contestants. Photo from Instagram.

The show is the first of its kind in Singapore and draws inspiration from international reality dating shows such as Terrace House and Singles’ Inferno.[1] Apart from the main contestants, the show also comprised a panel of hosts or commentators whose reactions and comments to each episode were spliced into the show’s production.


A screenshot of the panel.

The host panel is made up of Fauzi Aziz, Amanda Feng, Devika Panicker, and Leah Shannon Neubronner.[3] At present, Fauzi and Amanda are employees of TheSmartLocal.[4][5] Leah worked at ZULA, one of TheSmartLocal’s sister sites for a period of 5 years and 4 months before pursuing a stint as a freelance content creator.[6] Devika, an actress and former Ms V Supreme (2019) who is a guest panelist.[7]


The contestants at their first challenge. Photo from TheSmartLocal, Instagram.

Nine contestants - five men and four women - participated in the show’s first two episodes, before a tenth contestant, Donovan Wong Tun Shaun, was introduced in the third episode as a game changer.[8][9]

The contestants are as follows:

  • Dione Tan
  • Nur Atiqah
  • Kasey Avarielle Low
  • Roziana Condy
  • Dania Ervianny Nah
  • Oliver Loo
  • Sam Driscoll
  • Garialdi Salim
  • Tinesh Brendan Jacob
  • Donovan Wong Tun Shaun


Photo from TSL Media.

On 28 October 2022, TSL Media published an article stating that reception to the show has been positive with over half a million views accumulated within a week of its launch.[1] The season finale released on 15 November 2022 garnered a total of 1.8k likes on YouTube.[10]

Bullying allegations

Throughout the episodes of the show, online viewers were quick to point out in the comment section that there were two noticeable instances of bullying amongst the contestants. In a case of gang mentality, the girls were quick to single out male contestant, Garibaldi who is known as Gari, for helping another contestant Kasey adjust her microphone.[11] This issue soon ballooned into Gari being at the forefront of scathing criticism from the girls during subsequent episodes.[11] Viewers also came forward to defend Gari and empathise with Gari for the “mistreatment”.[12]

Around the 8th-episode mark, tension started growing amongst the female contestants and culminated in Kasey Avarielle Low getting “ganged up on” and “ostracized from the group”.[13] Views took to the comments section of the last few episodes of One Week Love to criticise the other female contestants for gaslighting Kasey.[13] Kasey also took to Instagram to address the bullying incident saying “I’m not going to downplay what I went through and say it’s okay, because it’s not, bullying is NOT okay, and if you are being bullied please speak up.”.[14]


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