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Cheng Wing Yee (born 2002), better known by her aliases Kiaraakitty or Kimchi Cheng, is a Singaporean Twitch streamer[1] who is known for the provocative streams she broadcasts on her Twitch channel.[2]

In 2021, Cheng gained notoriety online on a few counts. In March, Cheng was banned from Twitch when Jade Rasif had a wardrobe malfunction during a jacuzzi stream.[3][4] She was later accused of scamming seven men in June.[5] More recently in October, a sensitive Twitch document was leaked, revealing that Cheng had earned SGD166,000 in two years.[6]


Cheng Wing Yee. Photo from Instagram.


Cheng is known to have a brother, although his name is unknown.[7]


Cheng’s career as a Twitch streamer began in September 2015.[8] She regularly broadcasts vlogs of her life, with her most recent content featuring her travels to Spain and France.[2] As of 30 October 2021, Cheng has at least 225,000 followers on Twitch.

Controversial Incidents

Imitation of an Indian accent (March 2017)

In 2017, Cheng came under fire for attempting to imitate an Indian accent on one of her livestreams.[9] She used the fabricated accent to say the following words:

“Hey dear, I like to eat prata. You know I always like to eat roti prata. I swear this is, this is what I love to eat. Every single day, I would actually open my shop at 9am in the morning.”[9] ran an editorial piece to express its distaste over Cheng’s actions.[10]

Jacuzzi stream (March 2021)

The controversial jacuzzi stream. Screenshot taken from Youtube.

On 16 March 2021, Cheng hosted a Twitch livestream featuring herself, DJ personality Jade Rasif, and four other women in a home jacuzzi.[3] At one point in the now-deleted livestream, Rasif’s bikini slipped to expose her right breast.[11] This made the livestream not safe for work (NSFW), prompting Twitch to impose a 24-hour ban on Cheng.[3]

Love scams (June 2021)

Cheng Wing Yee. Photo from Instagram.

On 3 June 2021, an audio recording[12] was leaked, where Cheng allegedly confessed to tricking seven men of their money with tactics that were reminiscent of love scams.[5] Sections of the recording were transcribed and shared as a post by Instagram account @ourfallenwarriors.[13]

In the recording, while Cheng admitted to scamming seven men, she focused her attention on relating her experience with her first victim: an alleged Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)’s regular whom she encountered through online video games.[5]

Upon learning that the man had $30,000 saved up from his career with SAF, Cheng allegedly spun a story about having a growth in her kidney in a bid to solicit money from him.[5] Over the course of two years, Cheng gradually drained the man of his savings.

Although the man later reported Cheng, she allegedly avoided being charged by claiming that he was her irate boyfriend who had been caring for her needs.[5]

The recording also revealed Cheng’s supposed methods for choosing her victims.[5] She would target evergreen men, appealing to their emotions by claiming that she would have to sell herself if she could not raise enough money.

On 5 June 2021, Cheng claimed that the allegations made against her were “false and staged”.[5] She lodged a police report over the incident. Since then, there have been no further updates on the case.

Earnings of SGD166,000 in two years (October 2021)

On 6 October 2021, a document containing sensitive information related to Twitch was leaked to 4chan.[6] User payout information was revealed in the document, and Cheng’s earnings figured amongst the users who appeared in it. According to the document, Cheng earned a total of USD122,586 (SGD166,413) in the last two years.

Twitch confirmed the leak on Twitter, referring to it as a “breach”.[14] It went on to affirm that it would address the issue quickly and provide updates to the community.

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