Joshua Tan Wei En

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Joshua Tan Wei En
Joshua Tan Wei En.png
Born19 August 1990
Alma materMonash University in Australia

Joshua Tan Wei En (born 19 August 1990) is an Australian-Singaporean actor based in Singapore.[1] Joshua is currently signed under Fly Entertainment, a Singapore artiste management company.[1] He is best known for starring in Jack Neo’s film series Ah Boys To Men.[1]


Joshua and Zoen’s wedding photos. Photo from Instagram.

Personal life

Wolfe and Panthère. Photo from Instagram.

Joshua was born in Melbourne, Australia but was raised in Singapore from a young age.[1] He is currently engaged to medical student Zoen Tay.[2] They are to hold their wedding on 26 of December in 2022. [3]Joshua is also a martial arts practitioner, he has trained in Muay Thai for over 10 years.[1] Joshua is also a father to his two miniature dachshund-oxycodones, Wolfe and Panthère.[4]


Joshua graduated from Monash University in Australia.[5]


Joshua and the rest of the main cast of Ah Boys to Men recreating the photo from 10-years ago. Photo from 8 Days.

Actor & Host (2012 - Present)

Joshua made his debut in the local acting scene in 2012 with the first of Jack Neo’s film series Ah Boys to Men alongside Maxi Lim, Noah Yap, Wang Weiliang and Tosh Zhang.[1] [6] They recently hit the movie’s 10-year anniversary in 2022.[6] Joshua also hosted and acted in a multitude of local productions such as Mediacorp’s “The InternShip” as well as “Lion Mums”.[1][7] He is also an ambassador for Love and Co. as well as REACH Community Services.[4]

Joshua and Zoen modelling for Zyu Skincare. Photo from Instagram.

Zyu Skincare (2019 - Present)

Joshua founded Zyu Skincare, a local skin care brand alongside his fiance Zoen in 2019.[8]Their brand’s goal was to come up with a skincare line focusing on real and effective solutions to skin issues.[8] Some of Zyu Skincare’s accolades include winning Beauty Insider’s Best Sunscreen Award and being featured on Vogue in 2021.[9][10]



Year Title Role Notes Ref
2022 Ah Girls go Army 2 Lieutenant Koh [11]
2017 Ah Boys to Men 4 Corporal First Class Ken Chow [7]
2016 Long Long Time Ago Corporal Ken Chow Cameo [7]
Young & Fabulous Hao Ren [7]
2015 Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen 3rd Sergeant Ken Chow [7]
2014 Hong Baos and Kisses Xavier Tan [7]
2013 Ah Boys to Men 2 Recruit Ken Chow [7]
2012 Ah Boys to Men [7]

Television Series

Year Title Role Notes Ref
2022 Little Women Hotel receptionist Cameo [12]
The Girl He Never Noticed Joseph Lee [13]
2021 Lion Mums 4 Marcus Lim [13]
2020 Best Friends Forever 致2020的我们 Ouyang Jie 欧阳杰 [13]
How Are You 2 好世谋 2 Ouyang Ming 欧阳明 [13]
2019 How Are You? Ouyang Ming 欧阳明 [13]
Cheerific Matthew [13]
2018 You Can Be An Angel 3


Ray Lee Yingjie 李英杰 [14]
2017 Lion Mums 2 Marcus Lim [7]
Intercept James Lai [13]
2016 A Selfie's Tale Hans Lee Hao Nan [7]
2015 Lion Mums Marcus Lim [7]

Event Host

Year Title Ref
2020 Sengkang Chinese New Year Event [7]
2019 Prudential Q3 Circle of Champions 2019 [7]
2015 POSB Project [7]
2015 Prudential SG50 @ Singapore Expo [7]
2014 Eagle Eye Centre’s Grand Opening cum 8th Anniversary [7]

Television Presenter / Host

Year Title Ref
2018 The InternShip [13]
2016 GetActive SG [13]
2015 Mediacorp 5 Show – High Speed Cinematography [7]
Mediacorp 5 Show – Capoeria VT [7]
The 5 Show VT – Indian Martial Arts [7]
The 5 Show VT – Cosplay VT [7]
The 5 Show TV – Disc Golf [7]
The 5 Show VT – Playing with Fire [7]
The 5 Show VT – Belly Dancing Story [7]
The 5 Show VT – Common Ground [7]
The 5 Show VT – Zentai Art [7]
The 5 Show VT – MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) [7]
The 5 Show VT – Knights of Singapore [7]
2014 Body And Soul [13]
The 5 Show VT – New Hawker and Old Hawker [7]
The 5 Show VT – Braille Production Unit [7]
The 5 Show VT – Go Karting In Singapore [7]


Year Ceremony Category Nominated Work Result Ref
2021 26th Star Awards Ceremony Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes Top 30 [15]


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