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Jestinna Kuan. Photo from Instagram.

Jestinna Kuan (born 5 October 1997) is a Malaysian singer and influencer well known for her fashion and dance content on TikTok, as well as the Chinese New Year music videos that she films with her family. In fact, the YouTube video she uploaded for 虎年新年到 went viral in 2022, garnering more than 11 million views.[1]

On top of being a content creator, Jestinna is a pharmacist and entrepreneur who created a health and wellness concept, The Care Squad and founded UFCO, a streetwear shop.[2][3][4] She also co-founded The Sis.Club, a merchandise line inspired by the relationship she shares with her younger sister.[5]

As of January 2023, Jestinna Kuan has 593,000 followers on Instagram, 444,000 followers on TikTok, and over 112,000 subscribers on YouTube.[2][6][7]


Jestinna Kuan is pictured with her parents and two younger siblings in this family portrait. Photo from Instagram.

Personal life


Jestinna Kuan was born and raised in Penang, Malaysia.[8] She is the daughter of Dato' Jefri Kuan, the owner of Vin Kerr Enterprise Sdn. Bhd., a major furniture accessories and parts trader in Malaysia.[9] Jestinna also has two younger siblings, Christinna Kuan and Perry Kuan, better known by their pseudonyms Mskuan and Perry K.[10][11] Like their older sister, Christinna and Perry are content creators and influencers who are very active on social media.

Together with their parents, the three siblings formed The Kuan Family, a family content creation group.[12] Thus far, Jestinna’s family has starred in her regular vlogs and festive music videos like 虎年新年到 and 一起兔two兔.[1][13]

Early life

Jestinna began dancing and singing from the tender age of four  and was often exposed to extracurricular classes and competitions by her mother. Coupled with her love for K-POP, her exposure to music was what gradually led to her pursuit of music as a career.

“When we were young, my mum would send both of us to all kinds of classes — singing, dancing, even art classes. So, she’s the one who would train us in all these different fields.”[14]

Jestinna Kuan with her boyfriend, Danny Lee. Photo from Instagram.

Romantic relationships

Jestinna is currently dating Malaysia band 3P’s member Danny Lee.[15] While they initially kept the relationship low-profile, the couple later confirmed it through the release of a song, 一瞬間 and a Q&A vlog.[16][17]

In the past, it was rumoured that she dated JJ Poor To Rich founder, Johnson Lee.[18] These speculations arose after images of the two being intimate and affectionate towards each other were circulated online.[18] Neither party has confirmed the relationship thus far.


Jestinna Kuan at her graduation ceremony in 2018. Photo from Instagram.

In 2018, Jestinna Kuan graduated from the Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology (AIMST) University with a Bachelor of Pharmacy.[19]

“And I would say that I went through a lot to get to where I am today. It’s not a usual one, but I appreciate everything and I would say that hard work will pay off and it’s definitely worth it.”[20]


Content Creator and Influencer (Present)

Becoming a full-time fashion influencer and TikToker

According to an interview with Lifestyle Asia, Jestinna Kuan had begun growing her social media presence as early as her high school years.[14] At the point in time, she started out uploading posts of her ‘outfit of the day’ or OOTD, which eventually piqued the attention of various fashion and beauty brands.[14] Starting out her career early also meant that she had to juggle her studies and professional commitments.[19]

To date, she has worked for prominent names like Swarovski, Maison Valentino, Coach, and Lancôme.[21][22][23][24]

Jestinna Kuan at the Maison Valentino’s The Party Collection launch. Photo from Instagram.

On top of being known for an aesthetic Instagram feed, Jestinna has also amassed a strong following on TikTok.[6] With the witty challenges and fun family TikToks that she posts regularly, she quickly attracted thousands of views. Her posts on the platform often go viral, hitting from 100,000 to over a million views.

Giving her audience a glimpse into her work and personal life through YouTube

Other platforms that Jestinna utilises include YouTube, where she regularly posts vlogs of her daily life, brand or travel hauls, as well as behind the scenes of her work as an singer and entrepreneur.[7]

“I’m the kind of content creator that likes to go with what’s currently trending on social media, and TikTok. Although people say TikTok is for Gen Z, I think as long as you’re keeping up with what’s trending and it helps, then it works for me. And of course, to always be true to myself.”[14]

Singer (2020 to Present)

On 16 October 2020, Jestinna Kuan made her debut as a music artist with the single “Makin' Me Feel”.[25] Subsequently, she continued to see greater success with the Chinese New Year track that she collaborated with her siblings on, 虎年新年到.[1] Upon the drop of its music video, it quickly went viral. As of January 2023, it has managed to gain over 11 million views.[1]

The entire Kuan family participated in the making of the 虎年新年到 music video. Photo from YouTube.

At the end of 2022, she worked on the track “一瞬間” with her boyfriend, Danny Lee.[16] Within 3 months, the accompanying music video managed to attract over 2.5 million views.[16]

On 6 Jan 2023, Jestinna once again dropped another festive track in anticipation of the upcoming Chinese New Year, titled “一起兔two兔”.[16]


Year Single/Track Refs.
2023 一起兔two兔 [13]
2022 一瞬間 [16]
2022 虎年新年到 [1]
2020 Makin' Me Feel [25]

The Care Squad (2020 to Present)

Upon graduation, Jestinna Kuan began work at a community pharmacy as a licensed pharmacist.[20] Subsequently, her passion for healthcare also spurred her to set up a health and wellness concept, The Care Squad.[26] Following in her father’s entrepreneurial footsteps, she soon gathered a group of healthcare professionals who also utilised Instagram to help share health and nutritional tips to her audience.[26] Some of their most well-received content include nutritional yoghurt and oatmeal recipes, as well as types of skincare routines.

Other than Jestinna, the other members of The Care Squad team include optometrist Katrin Kong, dentist Dr. Yao Yao, dietitian and nutritionist Michelle Gan, and practitioner psychologist Rachael Tan.[26]

The Kuan Sisters Face Mask. Photo from Iconic Medicare.

Making test kits and masks accessible for their audience during the pandemic (2021)

In 2021, the pandemic hit and The Care Squad swiftly responded by stocking up on ALLTEST COVID-19 Antigen Saliva (Self) Test Kits for purchase, while providing useful instructions and tips on how to properly use them.[27]

The Squad also made The Sis.Club’s Kuan Sisters Face Mask available on their site, promoting both the use of it in the midst of the pandemic, as well as Jestinna’s other business venture.[28]

The Sis.Club (2018 to Present)

The Sis.Club was founded by both Jestinna Kuan and her younger sister, Christinna as a lifestyle brand reflective of the sister’s contrasting personalities and styles.[5] They primarily sell face masks and scrunchies.[5]

Chinese New Year gift bundles and pop-up event (2023)

The Da Jin Jie Mei Street front (left) and the Kuan siblings’ performances (right). Photos from Instagram.

In 2023, The Sis.Club branched out to include Chinese New Year goodies in their products. They came in the form of the JieMei CNY Gift Boxes and the JieMei New Year Bundle.[29]

In light of Chinese New Year festivities, the Kuan family organised a bazaar, Da Jin Jie Mei Street at Starhill KL.[5] Not only can visitors get the opportunity to watch the Kuan siblings perform their Chinese New Year songs, but they also get to frequent local fashion boutiques, skincare and cosmetic brands, as well as numerous F&B stalls.[30] The bazaar ran from 13 to 20 January 2023.[30]

UFCO MY (2018 to Present)

The interior of UFCO MY’s retail space in Pulau Pinang. Photo from Facebook.

UFCO MY is a streetwear shop founded by Jestinna Kuan and her 2 siblings.[31] It is the largest of its kind in Penang and brings in popular brands like Supreme and MLB.

“My dad inspired me to start my own business. He’s a businessman. My siblings and I have always wanted to start a business and since we’re also in love with fashion, it made us start a multi-label fashion store, which includes international streetwear brands.”[8]

Media Coverage

Jestinna Kuan and her siblings for Lifestyle Asia. Photo from Lifestyle Asia.

Lifestyle Asia (2022)

On 15 March 2022, Lifestyle Asia published a feature article with the Kuan siblings on its cover.[14] Jestinna, along with her siblings were interviewed about their childhood, their relationship, and their work as content creators.[14]

The siblings also modelled Onitsuka Tiger’s Tricolor Series of shoes, from the sports and fashion brand’s Spring/Summer 2022 collection.[14]

The Star (2014)

In 2014, Jestinna Kuan managed to clinch a winning spot on 1st Avenue Mall’s I Found Fame 2014 competition, which earned her the chance to be a poster child for one of the months of the Mall’s 2015 calendar.[32] She was then featured and interviewed by The Star newspaper, along with the other winners.[32]

“I can’t wait to show the calendar to my family, especially my mum who has always been very supportive of me. It feels great to be selected, as the field is extremely competitive.”[32]


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