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Jayne Tham
Jayne Tham profile.png
BornAugust 18, 1989
EducationBachelors in Communication, Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communications
Alma materNanyang Technological University (NTU)

Jayne Tham (born August 18, 1989) is a Singaporean influencer and content creator. She is mainly active on Instagram, where she has amassed 49.3K followers as of November 2022.[1]


Early life

Jayne Tham was born on August 18, 1989 in Singapore.[2] She started blogging as a teenager, and once ran a popular blog, jjjayne, which is now defunct.[3]


In 2008, Jayne enrolled in Nanyang Technological University, where she studied for her Bachelor degree in Communication, Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communications.[4] She graduated in 2012.[4]


Jayne and her husband, Vernon A, at their wedding in 2014. Photo from Her World.

In 2014, Jayne married Singaporean DJ Vernon A, known for hosting popular Class 95FM radio show Muttons in the Morning with Justin Ang.[5][6] The pair had reportedly dated for about two years prior to tying the knot.[5]

Jayne and her family. Photo from Instagram.

The couple have two children, Liam (born 2019) and Niall (born 2020).[7] Vernon also has a son, Ethan (born 2003), from a previous marriage.[7][8]


Early career

Before her career as an influencer, Jayne has worked in various companies, including:

Position & Company Duration Ref.
Assistant Marketing & Communications Manager, RIMOWA March 2018 - January 2020 [9]
Brand Manager; Skin Inc, Skin Supplement Bar April 2017 - March 2018 [9]
Brand Manager, Known Group November 2015 - April 2017 [9]
Business Development, Epic Distribution LLC September 2013 - October 2015 [9]
Partner, Soeurs June 2012 - August 2013 [9]
Intern, TPR January 2011 - June 2011 [9]
Assistant Content Producer, AsiaOne (SPH) June 2008 - August 2008 [9]

Influencer & consultant

In an interview with Autumn app’s blog, Jayne mentioned that prior to having children, she was a full-time marketer.[10] After giving birth to her first child Liam, she then took on more flexible roles as a digital content creator and health and wellness consultant.[10]

“After I gave birth, my child became my priority. Initially, I felt a sense of identity loss. But as my child got older, I felt it wasn’t so much a swap in priorities, but more a shift in perspective. I realised that children grow really fast and whatever career aspirations I had were not as time-sensitive.

That’s one reason why I left my job just prior to getting pregnant with my second child. It made more sense because I was still working but on my own time and target. I like that flexibility because it allows me to spend time with my children.

My good friend told me [about being a consultant] because I’d mentioned that I didn’t want to give up my freedom and time with my children.”[10]

As an influencer, Jayne has endorsed products and services like NAN milk powder and RAWEL konjac jelly.[11][12]

Jayne is also the consultant of skincare brand DR’s Secret, as well as the Gold Director of health supplement brand Avance.[1][13][14]

Media coverage and appearances

ELLE Singapore (2020)

Jayne for ELLE Singapore. Photo from Instagram.

In an interview with ELLE Singapore published on 9 May 2020, Jayne talks about parenting during COVID-19 as part of their Mothers’ Day series.[15] She also talks about what a typical day with her son is like, as well as what she does when she feels overwhelmed.[15]

“The circuit breaker has strengthened my beliefs in parenting all along. I’ve always believed that kids at Liam’s age are too precious and time flies when they’re young. They are only small once, and it’s not something I can relive — not even with another child because every child is different.”[15]

As for what she does when she feels overwhelmed, she says,

“Some personal time is definitely needed to stay sane. What I do is take a very long, hot shower. Sometimes I burn my favourite candle and just lie on my bed to relax; it’s the simplest things that are a real luxury to me now.”[15]

Jimbaran Seaview Villa incident (2015)

In a Facebook post dated 23 September 2015, Jayne warned her followers not to stay at Jimbaran Seaview Villa, an upscale beachfront resort in Bali.[16] In the post, Jayne alleged that around S$1000 was stolen from her and her friends, fellow influencers Tricia Ong and Lian Meiting, in the villa. When Jayne spoke to the manager, Ms Arie Wartini, she claimed that Ms Arie had apparently “[asked them] to claim insurance and threatened [them] that there [was] no point reporting this to the police because she's "good friends" with them.”[16]

Jayne said that since it was her last day, she thought that there was “no point in arguing” and that she would just stay at a hotel “for [her own] safety”.[16] She then again alleged that Ms Arie would not let her leave until she promised to let the incident go.[16]

Jayne also said that the police allegedly “didn't bother entertaining [them] and kept pushing us around to other police posts” when she went to make a police report after the initial confrontation.[16] Jayne then ended the post by emphasising to her followers not to stay at the villa.[16]

Netizen reactions & Ms Ari’s response

Jayne’s post was met with a huge amount of backlash, especially after Ms Arie, who had been identified by Jayne in the initial post, responded.[17]

The screenshots of text messages from the influencers sent to Ms Arie. Photo from Coconuts Singapore.

In a Facebook post, Ms Arie claimed that Jayne and her two travel partners were unwilling to go to the police.[17] Also, when they did eventually make the report, the police offered to follow them back to the villa to carry out an investigation, but the three declined.[17] Ms Arie’s post was coupled with screenshots, with what appears to be two of the trio threatening to hurt their business.[17]

Tricia Ong’s response

Following the backlash, influencer Tricia Ong made another post on Facebook, detailing the incident and elaborating on her side of the story.[18][19]

In the post, Tricia said that when they first arrived at the resort she and her friends were received by another employee, Yuni. However, when they reported the alleged theft, they were met by Ms Arie, who they had never interacted with before.[18]

“We were placed in a situation where we were scared, anxious and angry. We knew our money was stolen and there is a possibility that we will not be able to catch the culprit. We reacted in anger by immediately texting the FIRST point of contact, Yuni who welcomed us into the villa on the very first day. In hindsight looking back, perhaps reacting in such a manner wasn't right.”[18]

Tricia then reiterated that she had posted the incident on Facebook at first to warn her friends and followers not to patronise the resort as she “did not want them to experience what [they] had gone through”.[18] She then said that they refused to make a police report at first as “not all police stations are able to handle such filing of reports… and there are police stations who do not deal with thefts”.[18] Tricia then explains the three attempts they made to make a police report, saying,

“1st attempt: Yuda, the Bali driver, sent the 2 victims to a station far away from the location of our villa. We are situated in Jimbaran but he brought the 2 victims to Kuta. At Kuta, the police have no jurisdiction in cases that happen in Jimbaran. This is the first failure to file a report.

2nd attempt: Yuda brought the 2 victims to another police station. However, this police station turned the 2 victims away with the reason being, the station does not handle theft cases.

3rd attempt: Yuda drove the 2 victims back to a police station situated in Jimbaran where the location of it is very near to our villa. At this point of time, we had all quickly packed up and left for a nearby hotel fearing for our safety in case things turn ugly during the confrontation. At this 3rd police station, the 2 victims were told by the police “Evidence gone. Cannot make any report’.

The question here is, why did Yuda, being a local Balinese, not send the 2 victims directly to the station nearby our villa but travelled out of Jimbaran to visit a police station miles away?”[18]

She then ended the post by saying she hopes readers will understand why she and her friends reacted in such a way under such circumstances.[18]


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