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Jasmine Lee Hui Rong (7 June 1995) is a Singaporean sales consultant and content creator, who is best known for playing Jasmine in Titan Digital Media’s Titan Academy.[1][2] She is currently managed by Titan Digital Media and also regularly appeared on its female-centric channel, Ladies First.

Jasmine Lee. Photo from Instagram.

As of June 2023, Jasmine has amassed over 151,000 followers on Instagram and 19,800 followers on TikTok.[3][4]


Personal life & family

Jasmine Lee is of Chinese-Filipino descent.[2] She is also close friends with the talents at Titan Media, including Jianhao Tan, Debbie Soon, and Nicole Low.[3]

Jasmine Lee pictured with her parents at her graduation ceremony. Photo from Instagram.


On 13 July 2022, Jasmine graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Science in Project and Facilities Management, and a Minor in Business Management.[5]

In 2019, she joined a Summer School programme to Hanyang University in South Korea, where she studied Construction Management.[1]


Titan Digital Media (2016 to Present)

Talent and KOL (2016 to Present)

Jasmine Lee first joined Titan Digital Media under the then “TheJianHaoTan” YouTube channel. It was then that she began starring as the recurring character, Jasmine in the Class T1T5 comedy series.[3]

“When people say that I’m trying to imitate Denise. Because we’re both tuition teachers who teach Math. So I really hate it because I know I play a dumb character online, but I’m pretty smart in person, okay?” [6]

She also often appears on other Titan Media channels, including the female-centric channel, Ladies First.[7] On the channel, she was able to try many fun challenges, shared beauty tips and even revealed more details about the rhinoplasty she got in 2020.[7]

Jasmine Lee stars as Jasmine of Titan Academy, in “11 New Students You'll See in Every School”. Photo from YouTube.

“I think a lot of times, the newer people would come in and think that I’m intimidating, and I look fierce and scary. But I think the people who have been around for a long time would know me as someone who is loyal.”[6]

Business Development Intern (2018)

During her time at Titan Digital Media, Jasmine also took up a business development internship.[1] She was generally expected to provide clients with creative solutions for brands and campaigns, as well as to strengthen marketing partnerships.[1]

Sales and Marketing Manager (2021-2022)

Between 2021 to 2022, Jasmine took up a short stint as a Sales and Marketing Manager, where she spearheaded a Market Growth project for a KOL brand under Titan Digital Media.[1] Some of the more prominent achievements during this time included enhancing the UI/UX of the brand’s website, securing a licensing contract with an American MNC, and facilitating collaboration with local and international brands.[1]

Barnes Aerospace (2017)

After finishing her internship at Titan Digital Media, she managed to secure the position of Accounts Receivable Assistant at Barnes Aerospace.[1] During this time, she was responsible for managing and validating invoice accounts, as well as for managing clients’ payment plans.[1]

Storm2 (2022)

In 2022, Jasmine Lee joined the global Fintech recruiting agency, Storm2 as an Associate.[1] She was generally tasked with recruiting mid- to senior-level Sales and Marketing Professionals within the Fintech industry.[1]

Morgan Philips Group (2022 to Present)

In 2022, Jasmine Lee took up the role of Associate Consultant - Software Development (FE/BE/FS) at the Morgan Philips Group, where she specialises in the recruitment of technical professionals.[1]

Media Coverage

ZULA (2023)

In 2023, Jasmine Lee was featured on the female-centric website and publication, ZULA.[8] She was named one of the top 10 Instagram influencers in Singapore, which briefly touched on her career as a public figure. Some of her most notable works include playing the character, Jasmine in Titan Academy’s Class T1T5, as well as hosting talk shows like “LADIES FIRST” and “Girl Code”.[8]

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