James Seah (谢俊峰)

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James Seah
James Seah. Photo from Instagram..png
Born27 August 1990
EducationDigital Media Design
Alma materNanyang Polytechnic
Spouse(s)Nicole Chang Min (m. 2022)

James Seah ‘谢俊峰’ (born 27 August 1990), is a 31-year-old Singaporean actor, currently contracted under local entertainment company Mediacorp. He is married to local influencer Nicole Chang Min.


Early Life

According to his Mediacorp profile, James is skilled in digital media design, and enjoys dabbling in other creative passions including drawing and photography. He is also very passionate in singing and has done numerous song covers.[1]


James studied at Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Design & Media.[1]

Professional Career

James first emerged in the local entertainment scene through his participation in the talent competition Star Search in 2010.[1] While he did not finish in the top three positions, he managed to secure a contract with Mediacorp.

In an interview with Mothership, James shared that he was relatively low-profile during the early years of his career. This was because he had a poor command of Mandarin, and hence did not have many jobs in the first two years of his career.[2]

"My career looked bleak at that point in time. I was almost considering pursuing another career. However I gave myself a few years to prove myself, to improve my craft and command of the language. Thank God, things became better, I managed to get more jobs, and here I am."

James is managed by Mediacorp’s artiste management arm, The Celebrity Agency, which has a partnership with global talent management company Bohemia Group.[3]

In April 2021, it was announced that James would be taking over the second male lead role of Zhong Yiyuan in local Channel 8 drama The Heartland Hero.[4] This was after original cast member Shane Pow was sentenced to five weeks’ jail in July 2021 for a second drink-driving conviction, and was subsequently terminated by Mediacorp in April.[5]

This is the first time an actor has been replaced midway through a Mediacorp Chinese drama due to a contract termination. At that point, Pow had filmed 31 episodes of the intended 130-episode drama, and James would be playing his character for the remainder of the series.[6]


Since his acting debut as a young designer in an advertising firm in MediaCorp’s first web drama Let’s Play Love in early 2011, James has been involved in a number of Mediacorp dramas, as well as a movie in 2015.

TV Series

Year Channel Title Character Refs.
2011 Web Series

Channel U

Let's Play Love P.K.爱情 (网络剧) Chengxi [7]
2013 Channel 8 96°C Café  96°C 咖啡 (网络剧) Ziwei [8]
Channel 8 Marry Me Fire [9]
Channel 5 Mata Mata  女警先锋 Kwong Weng [10]
2014 Channel 8 The Caregivers   Missy先生 Yang Hao Ran [11]
Channel U Who Killed The Lead 侦凶 Hong Xiao Sheng [12]
Channel 8 Against the Tide   逆潮 Jacob Thang [13]
2015 Channel 8 Families on the Edge (Docudrama)  一家都不能少 Cheng Wei Guang [14]
Channel 8 Blissful Living (Docu drama) 我要的幸福 (社会实况剧) Xu Jun Ming [15]
Channel 8 The Journey: Our Homeland  信约:我们的家园 Yan Yi Min [16]
Channel 5 Tanglin (Channel 5 199-ep drama) Chris Tong [17]
2016 Channel 8 Hero 大英雄 Chen Bang Qing [18]
Channel 5 Tanglin 2 (Channel 5 243-ep drama) Chris Tong [17]
2017 Channel 8 When Duty Calls 卫国先锋 Xie Ming Yao [19]
Channel 5 Tanglin 3 (Channel 5 238-ep drama) Chris Tong [17]
2018 Channel 8 Fifty & Fabulous 五零高手 Wang Qi Long [20]
Channel 5 Tanglin 4 (Channel 5 125-ep drama) Chris Tong [17]
Toggle Trendsetters (Toggle online series) Jordan Phua [21]
2019 Channel 8 C.L.I.F 5 警徽天职5之海岸卫队 Lu Jiahao [22]
Channel 8 My One In A Million 我的万里挑一 Yan Shu Ze [23]
Channel 8 Hello From The Other side 阴错阳差 Fang Ke Wei [24]
Channel 8 Jalan Jalan 带你去走 Guo Hao Yang [25]
2020 Channel 8 The Right Time 错的时间不错的 [1]
Channel 8 Loving You 爱...没有距离 Chen Ming [26]
Channel 8 Happy Prince 快乐王子 Chen Wei Jun [27]
2021 Channel 8 邻里帮 (130集长寿剧)The Heartland Hero (130 episodes) Zhong Yiyuan [6]
meWATCH AR series Justice Boo 拯灵49天 (Pilot for Premiere Project) Justice Bao [28]
Channel 8 Key Witness 关键证人 Dex [29]
Channel 8 Mind Jumpers 触心罪探 (Main Lead) Zhao Zheng Yi [30]


Year Title Character Refs.
2015 Two Boys and A Mermaid Young James [31]

Awards and Accolades

Cast of C.L.I.F. Season 5. Photo from Facebook.

James was one of the Top 10 finalists in local talent search competition Star Search, in 2010.[1] At the 2021 Star Awards, he received a nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role in local drama series C.L.I.F. Season 5.

Personal Life

Marriage to Nicole Chang Min

A candid shot of the couple on their wedding day. Photo from Instagram.

James married Singaporean influencer Nicole Chang Min on 15 Jan 2022, after a two-year engagement.[32] He had previously proposed to Nicole on Christmas Day in 2019 in Thailand.[33]

The couple has also purchased a $600,000 900 sqft BTO flat in Boon Keng, which will only be ready in 2023-2024.[34] In the meantime, they are currently staying in a rented two-bedroom condominium unit located “around 10 minutes from town”, since November 2020.[35]

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