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Hazelle Teo. Photo from Instagram.

Hazelle Teo Ying Shuang (born 1994) is a DJ at the Mediacorp radio channel, YES 933.[1][2] She hosts “YEAH夜不打烊”, the Chinese channel’s nightly show, from Monday to Friday, 8PM to 12AM.[1]

On top of this role, the radio host has delved into TV and event hosting, as well as acting for minor roles in film and TV.[1] Hazelle is also an influencer who shares a wide range of content on her social media platforms, including dance, music, fitness, and fashion.[3][4]

As of 27 January 2023, she has gained over 77,100 followers on Instagram and 50,200 followers on TikTok.[3][4] She also has a YouTube channel where she occasionally publishes music and dance covers, as well as vlogs of her daily life; she currently has 1,570 subscribers.[5]


Personal life & family

Hazelle Teo with her parents and sister. Photo from Instagram.

Born and raised in Singapore, Hazelle Teo has a sister named Teo Zihui. [6]

Hazelle Teo pictured with her ex-boyfriend, Jordan Lim. Photo from Instagram.

Hazelle has also been known to have dated a Mediacorp producer by the name of Jordan Lim, whom she first got to meet on the set of the YES 933 web series, “亲爱的九月”.[7] After dating for 3 years, the couple split amicably at the start of 2021, but have chosen to remain close friends.[7]


In 2017, Hazelle Teo graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Social Sciences, including a double major in Theatre Studies and Communications and New Media.[1]

Prior to entering university, she was enrolled at the former Jurong Junior College.[8]


Skechers SG (Present)

Hazelle Teo is an ambassador for Skechers SG.[3]

Hush Hush series and Hush Podcast (2020 to Present)

Hazelle Teo (left), Azura Goh (centre), and Germaine Tan (right) of Hush Podcast. Photo from 8 DAYS.

Hazelle is joined by fellow radio DJs Germaine Tan and Azura Goh on Clarity’s Hush Hush series.[9][10] In particular, the trio host the Hush Podcast, which aims to empower women through the discussion of topics like relationships, health, and wellness.

“As a co-host of the Hush podcast, I always say women should embrace our bodies and be comfortable in our own skin.”[11]

Eliciting strong reactions of indignation and disapproval from netizens after an episode on the topic of cheating (2022)

On 8 November 2022, Clarity published a 36-minute episode on various streaming platforms, which was largely centred around topics like cheating and monogamous relationships.[12]

However, the episode was heavily criticised online as the hosts were seen to suggest that the act of cheating is justifiable. When 987FM DJ Germaine Tan asked whether it was “acceptable or justifiable”, her fellow hosts replied saying that “there are situations” or “reasons” that might make it justifiable.[12]

Later on, excerpts of the episode were taken down on TikTok as it took most of the heat.[12] The podcast’s producers also came out to clarify the content had been “misinterpreted due to lack of context” and that they were “not justifying that cheating or having an affair is okay”.[12]

“Well, I don't want to put a hard "no" to this question. In certain cases where relationships are toxic and people cheat, then I think... in a certain way, it's justifiable? Because you can't get love from that relationship, and that's why you turn to other means.” - Hazelle Teo’s perspective and take on the cheating debate.[12]

Mediacorp (2016 to Present)

Event and TV Host (2018 to Present)

Hazelle Teo hosting Drum Tao’s Meet and Greet session in 2019. Photo from Instagram.

Hazelle regularly hosts various events and shows, including the charity events, TV programmes, and press conferences. Some of her most notable works include behind-the-scenes host for Star Awards 2021 and 2022, as well as The Star Voice and Foodie Makeover.[13]

Year Programme Role Ref.
2022 《寻找星声音》竞赛篇/The Star Voice - Competition Host [13]
The Wonder Shop
Star Awards 2022 - Backstage LIVE
中文行不行/Jiak Kentang
2021 华文“浆”好玩/Word Whiz
欢喜一家亲/Happy Together
Star Awards 2021 Backstage
2020 欢喜一家亲/E-News SO HOT
星尝试/Try Me!
2019 新语研究所/Fun with SINGnese Guest Speaker [14]
美食大翻新/Foodie Makeover Host [13]
学长学姐Takeover!/Thumbs Up! Senior - Takeover
2018 十大新加坡/Top 10 Singapore
How To Lady Guest [15]
YEAH 夜健身房 Host [1]
SPOP 听我唱

Acting and variety (2015 to Present)

A screenshot of Hazelle Teo plays Zhong Wei Yu in Die Die Also Must Serve (2018). Photo from meWATCH.

On top of her job as a radio DJ, Hazelle has dabbled in acting, playing minor roles in both film and television dramas, such as Jack Neo’s “Wonderful! Liang Xi Mei (旺德福!梁细妹)”. In the past, she has also attended a few variety shows as a guest speaker.

Year Movie/Show Character Role Ref.
2020 爱。。。没有距离/Loving You Host Supporting [16]
2018 战备好兄弟/Die Die Also Must Serve Zhong Wei Yu [17]
动物系恋人啊/Tree in the River Pei-Pei [16]
旺德福!梁细妹/Wonderful! Liang Xi Mei - Cameo [1]
心。情/Mind Matters Supporting
新生/Babies on Board Joey [18]
2017 Faculty Alicia [19]
亲爱的九月/Dear DJ Joyce He Jiu Yue Main [20]
2016 The Hush - Supporting [1]
2015 SG50 7 Letters: Kelvin Tong’s Grandma Positioning System Ah Girl [21]

Radio DJ (2016 to Present)

Hazelle Teo with the other finalists at The Sound Makers 2016 Pre-Final event. Screenshot from YouTube.

In 2016, Hazelle made it into the Top 12 at The Sound Makers, a local radio DJ talent hunt.[1] This would become the springboard that helped her secure a DJ role at YES 933, alongside fellow DJ Kunhua.[1]

Hazelle Teo pictured with Jackson Wang (left) and Eric Zhou (right). Photos from Instagram.

Currently, Hazelle hosts the YES 933’s night show, YEAH夜不打烊 where she entertains local listeners and gets to interview international celebrities.[1] Some of the stars that she has had the pleasure of speaking with include Donnie Yen, Jackson Wang, and Eric Zhou.[3]

She also hosted Facebook Live Interviews, like SPOP 听我唱 and YEAH 夜健身房.[1]

“It’s harder than it seems! But on a more serious note, I’ve learnt the importance of adequate rest. Being in the night belt, this can be challenging at times.”[11]

As a Mediacorp DJ, Hazelle has also featured on some of the network’s Chinese New Year theme songs alongside her fellow DJs, as well as SPOP WAVE’s 2021 theme song.[22]

Year Single/Track Album/Show Ref.
2022 恭喜恭喜/Gong Xi Gong Xi 旺虎泰哥迎春乐 [22]
2021 听我唱响2021/Hear Me Sing 2021 SPOP 艺起唱/SPOP WAVE!
2020 没有你会是怎样 YES 933 [23]
2019 春天来了/Here Comes The Spring 裕鼠鼠纳福迎春乐 [22]


Star Awards 2018 Best Newcomer - 亲爱的九月/Dear DJ

In 2018, Hazelle Teo was nominated for the Best Newcomer at the Star Awards 2018.[1] She had been cast in the lead role, Jiu Yue for YES 933’s web drama “亲爱的九月”.[1]


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