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Choo Wen Xuan, better known as Dewy Choo, is a famous Malaysian TikTok personality living in Singapore. She rose to fame in December 2020 when she posted a controversial TikTok video on how Singaporean men can be more attractive.[1] On TikTok and Instagram, she has over 158.5k and 19.9k followers respectively.[2][3]


Dewy Choo. Photo from Instagram.

Personal life

Dewy was born in Sarawak, Malaysia, and moved to Singapore at an early age.[1] She is an adoptee.[1]


According to her LinkedIn profile, Dewy is currently studying for a Diploma in Arts and Theatre Management at Republic Polytechnic and is set to graduate in 2022.[4]

Work Experience

Dewy (left) in Girls. Photo from The Republican Post.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Dewy has worked several short stints[4]:

Work Duration
Banquet Staff March 2019 - October 2020
Freelance Web Designer at JIL Property LLP October 2020 - Present
Intern at MADDSpace March 2021 - Present

While she was in her first year at Republic Polytechnic, Dewy auditioned for several acting roles after discovering her newfound interest in acting.[1] After a number of rejections, she landed a main character in the short film Girls, which was a student film for a final year project. Her performance earned her the 7th National Youth Film Award for Best Actress.[1]

TikTok Fame

Dewy’s first TikTok video. Photo from TikTok.

Dewy first created her TikTok account on 24 February 2020.[1] When she started out, she posted mainly short comedic skits, but has since expanded the range of her content to include vlogs of her daily life, and her talking about various topics such as relationships, her braces, and lighthearted Singapore topics.

Dewy’s video that went viral and propelled her to fame. Photo from TikTok.

Dewy rose to fame in December 2020 when she posted a controversial TikTok video titled “Ways guys in Singapore can be more attractive”.[1] The video attracted over 446.1k views and 2,480 comments and is the highest viewed video on her channel.

While the video earned her many new followers, she also received a fair amount of criticism online. The online criticism almost caused her to give up TikTok entirely, but she eventually decided to take a different perspective about her online fame:

“When I started on social media, I was already getting a lot of hate. I was thinking if I should continue but since you can’t please everyone and I’m already getting hate, what do I have to lose if I continue doing what I do?”[1]

In an interview, Dewy revealed that she used TikTok as her coping mechanism when she was at the lowest point in her life, and as an escape from reality.[1] Whenever she felt sad, she would simply take a video for TikTok, and that would make her feel better.

As of 12 July 2022, she has over 158.5k followers on TikTok and amassed over 8.7M likes across all of her videos.[2]

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