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Beijing 101 Hair Consultants, more widely known as Beijing 101, is an award-winning hair care centre in Singapore.[1] The brand was founded in 1974 and has become recognised for its quality hair and scalp solutions. Today, Beijing 101 has opened a total of seven branches across the island and has successfully established a name for itself.

Beijing 101’s outlet at Funan. Photo from Beijing 101.

About Beijing 101

Beijing 101 is one of Singapore’s top hair care centres and is recognised for providing hair and scalp solutions. They are also the only hair care chain in Singapore to offer the expertise of TCM physicians directly within their outlets.[2]

History and founding

In 1974, a Chinese TCM practitioner, Dr. Zhao Zhang Guang developed a hair and scalp care formula after 101 attempts.[1][3] This would later become the inspiration behind this product’s name – 101 Hair Re-growth Tonic. Subsequently, Dr. Zhao launched his own business, ZhangGuang 101, which was met with great success. This prompted its product expansion beyond China’s borders, eventually arriving on Singapore’s shores in 2000, initiated by a local entrepreneur.[1]

Core mission and vision

Beijing 101 aims to help individuals build confidence by overcoming common hair and scalp issues like male pattern hair loss, female pattern hair loss, hair thinning, grey hair, dry scalp, and more.[1]

Television commercials and their iconic jingle

In the early 2000s, Beijing 101 ran regular television commercials, which became easily recognisable by its concluding tune.[4] The short tune featured a female voice, which sang the brand’s name and hotline, “6-5-5-8-8-1-0-1, Beijing 101” in Mandarin and English. As the advertisement was played quite often on television, the tune soon etched itself into the minds of Singaporeans who grew up during that period. This iconic tune has become a nostalgic memory for many Singaporeans.[5]

Marketing efforts

On 4 October 2014, Beijing 101 performed 254 free scalp treatments at a roadshow in Junction 8 Shopping Mall, breaking the Singapore record of “Most Number of Scalp Treatments At One Location”.[6] Participants had their scalps scanned to show the difference in their scalp conditions before and after the treatment.

Services offered

Beijing 101 offers hair and scalp treatments that are recognised for their swift results. From oily scalp treatments to effective hair-loss remedies, they are known for showing visible results after just one session.

Hair and scalp treatments

Beijing 101 provides personalised hair or scalp treatments for the following conditions[1]:

  • Hair loss
  • Hair thinning
  • Male pattern balding
  • Female pattern balding
  • Dandruff
  • Oily scalp
  • Grey hair
  • Dry scalp

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a medical practice that aims to help an individual maintain a balance between their internal organs and the external elements. The practice focuses on a variety of treatments, including acupuncture, and Chinese herbal medicine.[1]

TCM guides Beijing 101’s treatments, which incorporate premium-grade Chinese herbs that target key organs and regulate blood flow.[1] To enhance these herbs’ properties, advanced extraction technology is used to obtain the active ingredients for Beijing 101’s treatments, thereby eliminating any unpleasant odours typically associated with traditional herbal remedies. This approach is designed to aid clients in restoring balance to their Qi, or vital life force, a belief deeply ingrained in TCM as being closely tied to overall health and well-being.[1]

Innovation and Technology

Moreover, Beijing 101 also blends modern technology and ingredients with its TCM methods. From peptides to Transdermal Delivery Airjet Technology, the centre has innovated new treatments that better target hair loss conditions.[1]

Proprietary TCM Treatment Methodology

Beijing 101 incorporates the 101 Signature Meridian (Acupressure) Scalp Massage as an integral component of its treatment regimen. This specialised massage is aimed at removing blockage of Qi and improving blood circulation in their clients.[1]

Success stories

With five decades of experience and counting, Beijing 101’s treatments are recognised for their reliability and effectiveness. As a result, it has received numerous positive reviews, as well as been engaged in several celebrity endorsements over the years.

Testimonials from clients

Over the years, many clients have expressed their satisfaction with Beijing 101’s hair and scalp care treatments.[7]

“I had severe issues with dandruff coming in and my consultant Tina did an excellent job to cure it with dramatic results from the first appointment alone! She is very knowledgeable and explained in detail the issues facing my scalp.”[7] Excerpt from a 5-star review by Angela Huang, a past customer.

In addition, many reviews seemed pleased with the professionalism of Beijing 101’s specialists, highlighting their meticulous and patient care.

“The consultant Adrian was very professional. He was able to explain very succinctly and clearly the issues that I was facing with my hair and scalp condition. He displayed a lot of knowledge about how the process and treatment would work.”[7] Excerpt from a 5-star review by Belinda Tan, a past customer.

Not only is Beijing 101 praised for comfortable treatments that deliver great results, but they are also lauded for their excellent service and state-of-the-art equipment.

“Very helpful and supportive staff…very innovative and modern equipments…clean and nice environment.”[7] Excerpt from a 5-star review by Deepa Shinde, a past customer.

Case studies of successful treatments

Scalp hygiene: iammichy and iamtiffanie

Singaporean influencer-sister pair, Michy and Tiffanie, both had satisfactory experiences at Beijing 101.[8] While Tiffanie was the first to try out Beijing 101’s scalp care treatment, Michy soon followed suit after hearing her sister rave about its 101 Signature Meridian Scalp Massages. Upon trying the treatment out, Michy has reported that her experience was a comfortable one and her scalp has since become much cleaner.

Oily and itchy scalp, hair loss: Sonia Asryira Arman (soniaasyira)

As someone who wears the hijab, Singaporean influencer Sonia Arman was plagued with an itchy scalp and hair loss.[9] However, upon consulting Beijing 101, the centre was able to identify the root cause of the problem. With a detailed scalp scan and analysis, Sonia could see the excessive oil build-up on her scalp and hair strands. She realised that this was what had been irritating her scalp.  

To address this, she underwent a customised Hair Growth Regen Treatment and Beijing 101’s Signature Meridian Scalp Massage. At the end of it, she was given another round of scans, revealing a now clean scalp.

Dry and sensitive scalp: Mandon Lee

In 2023, Singaporean influencer Mandon Lee decided to book a consultation with Beijing 101, after suspecting he had a dry and sensitive scalp.[10] Thereafter, Beijing 101’s scalp analysis confirmed it, revealing that he had dry and clogged hair follicles. To alleviate the irritation, Beijing 101 administered Alpha LED Light Therapy to improve Mandon’s scalp’s blood circulation, which would also promote hair growth.[9] On top of this, he was given a moisturising scalp treatment and Beijing 101’s Signature Meridian Scalp Massage. A post-treatment scan showed that his hair follicles had been unclogged and their redness reduced.

Hair thinning: Jason Hau (jasonkokotan)

In 2021, Wah! Banana founder Jason Hau paid Beijing 101 a visit after realising that his hair was thinning.[11] After a personal consultation with a hair consultant, they concluded that Jason’s poor sleep schedule and scalp hygiene were the root cause. Right away, they started him on a customised hair mask that relaxed and nourished his scalp. Afterwards, it was evident that the treatment removed the oil build-up on his scalp, making it cleaner and healthier.[10]

Celebrity endorsements and high-profile clients

Over the years, Beijing 101 has been endorsed by many local celebrities, including renowned names such as Edmund Chen, Chen Shucheng, Ben Yeo, Pornsak, Zheng Geping, and more.[12][13] Xu Bin officially became the brand’s new spokesperson in 2020, and he calls Beijing 101 a brand that is “recognised and trusted by everyone”.[14]

“On top of incorporating premium Chinese herbs into their treatments, [Beijing 101] also has very professional TCM and haircare specialists.” (Translated) Xu Bin on what makes Beijing 101 stand out.[14]

Other celebrities and well-known clients that have endorsed their hair and scalp treatments include local actors Pan Ling Ling, Huang Wen Yong, Denise Camillia Tan and Jeremy Chan.[15][16][17] They have all given satisfied testimonials on Beijing 101’s treatments, commenting on how relaxing and effective the service was.

Awards and recognition

Industry awards and surveys

Award/surveys Year Awarding Organisation
Ipsos Survey[18]
  • 97% of customers reviewed that “they are most satisfied with customer service at Beijing 101”.
  • 92% of customers agreed that “Beijing 101 provides the most effective hair treatment services for me”.
2024 Ipsos Group, headquartered in France.
Spa Awards 2022[19]
  • Best Anti-Hairfall Treatment: Meridian Hair & Scalp Purity Treatment
2022 Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, headquartered in Singapore.
Expat Living Reader’s Choice Awards 2022[20]
  • Best Hair-Loss Treatments, Bronze
2022 Expat Living, The Reader’s Choice Awards, headquartered in Singapore.
Her World Hair Awards 2020[21]
  • Best Herbal Scalp Treatment
2020 Her World Singapore, headquartered in Singapore.
Ipsos Survey
  • 9 in 10 customers agreed that Beijing 101 provides the most effective hair treatment.
2018 Ipsos Group S.A., headquartered in France.
Nielsen Consumer Survey
  • 9 in 10 customers reported improvements in hair growth with regular treatments.
2014 The Nielsen Company, headquartered in USA.

Media features and press releases

Beijing 101 has been featured in popular fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar Singapore and Her World Singapore.[19][21] In fact, their reporters have gone down to try out the centre’s hair and scalp care treatments, giving a thorough review of the experience. The reviewer from Her World Singapore shared that “[her] hair felt lighter and airy, and [her] scalp felt very clean and less oily, even a week after”.

Local media publications like Must Share News, The Smart Local, and Confirm Good have also given great reviews of Beijing 101, speaking highly of its satisfying and effective treatments.[22][23][24]


Since starting the franchise in Singapore in 1998, Beijing 101 has opened 7 branches.[1]

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