Dorothy Wang (Bling Empire)

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Dorothy Wang
Dorothy Wang.jpg
Born27 January 1988
EducationBachelor of Arts (Communication)
Alma materUniversity of South Carolina

Dorothy Wang (born 27 January 1988) is a socialite, TV personality and entrepreneur. As of May 2022, she has over a million followers on Instagram.[1] Most recently in May 2022, she debuted as a cast member of Netflix’s reality show Bling Empire.[2] Dorothy first appeared on E! Network’s reality television series, #RichKids of Beverly Hills where she went on to appear in all four seasons.[2]

She is also known for being the daughter of the Chairman of Golden Eagle International Group, Roger Wang.[3]


Dorothy Wang with her family. Photo from Biography Mask.


Dorothy Wang was born on 27 January 1988 to Roger and Vivine Wang, the former of which is the founder and head of conglomerate Golden Eagle International Group.[4][5] Roger currently has a net worth of $3.5 Billion.[3]

Dorothy also has a younger sister, Janice Wang who was formerly on the Board of Directors of Golden Eagle’s listed flagship.[6]


Dorothy Wang graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.[7]

Personal life

Dorothy currently resides in New York City, having moved from Los Angeles in 2022.[7][8] She also has a real estate licence and previously worked for The Agency.[9] Currently, she is no longer listed as an agent of the firm.[10]

Financial status

Dorothy Wang and her Birkin collection. Photo from Twitter.

Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dorothy Wang has a net worth of around $10 Million.[11]

Birkin collection

Dorothy has been shown to have a massive collection of Hermès Birkin Handbags, as they are regularly featured on the socialite’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.

“Honestly, I’m not sure how many Birkins I have, I’ve kinda lost count. The entry-level Birkin is probably around $10,000 and the crocodile or alligator is $60,000.”[12]


Dorothy Wang (website)

Dorothy Wang launched a travel website where she shares her passion for travelling through her experiences across the globe.[13] Some of the travel destinations featured on the site include Tokyo, Miami, Amsterdam, Capri, and Shanghai.

Fabuluxe (current)

After the final season #RichKids of Beverly Hills wrapped up in 2020, Dorothy launched a jewellery line, Fabuluxe.[14]

Rich and Bubbly (current)

In April 2016, Dorothy launched a champagne brand of her own, Rich and Bubbly.[15]

Bling Empire (May 2022)

In May 2022, Dorothy Wang debuted as one of the new cast members of Bling Empire’s second season on Netflix. In particular, she gained attention during this season after being embroiled in tensions with returning cast member, Kane Lim.[16]

Famously Single (2016 - 2017)

Dorothy Wang was cast on both seasons of the E! Network reality TV show, which follows the life of 8 celebrities who began living together as they attempt to navigate their love lives.[17][18]

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (2014 - 2016)

Stylised as #RichKids of Beverly Hills, the E! Network’s reality TV show ran a total of 4 seasons, of which Dorothy Wang was a regular. The show takes its viewers into the lives of 20-somethings who hail from wealthy families.[19]


Despite having the privilege to be born into a wealthy family, Dorothy shared that her parents have taught her the importance of giving back to society.[20] From a young age, she often helped to raise funds for orphanages and schools in China. At just 12 years old, she became the youngest Goodwill Ambassador of the Nanjing Charity League.[20]

On top of this she continues to donate her closet sales proceeds to UNICEF, as well as organise blood donation drives in Beverly Hills.[21]

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