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Yina Goh. Photo from Instagram.

Yina Goh ‘淑清’ (born 3 August 1987) is a 34-year-old Singaporean beauty and lifestyle blogger and influencer. She is also the founder of The Velvet Dolls, a local fashion store that she established in 2010.

Yina Goh
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Born3 August 1987
EducationDigital Media Design
Alma materNanyang Polytechnic
Spouse(s)Jerry Peh (m. 2015-2017)


Early Life

Yina studied Digital Media Design at Nanyang Polytechnic, and graduated in 2007.[1] She had previously studied at Zhonghua Secondary School, graduating in 2003.

Professional Career

After graduating from Nanyang Polytechnic, Yina worked as a digital artist and illustrator at Imaginary Friends Studio from 2006 to 2008.[2] Subsequently, she worked as a freelance comic colourist for a year.

Apart from documenting her life, beauty habits and travels on her website, Yina Goes, Yina is also a beauty and lifestyle influencer, having advertised for many cosmetics and lifestyle brands. Her Instagram profile, @yinagoh, has over 69.2k followers.[3]

Yina is also a freelance singer, having performed at weddings as well as various gigs at local bars such as Switch by Timbre, China One, CM-PB, Unplugged and Acid Bar.[4] She also used to sing in the SYC Ensemble Singers, and travelled abroad regularly to perform, sing and compete with them.

The Velvet Dolls

In 2010, Yina founded The Velvet Dolls, a local fashion store which sells clothing for women.

Original logo for Thevelvetdolls. Image from Yina Goes.

According to Yina, the name came about because she wanted something very simple but memorable, with the objective to “dress ladies up so that they look good and feel even better”.[5] The name is a combination of the idea of velvet being a fabric associated with luxury, and inspiration from her childhood days when she played with and dressed up paper dolls with her sisters. The logo is inspired by Russian matryoshka dolls which, according to Yina, symbolises her dream to dress up each and every girl regardless of size or shape, and also represents her aspiration to be able to bring in a variety of styles so as to cater to everyone.

Personal Life

Struggles with body image

Yina previously struggled with body image issues while she was in secondary school. In a blog post by client Slim Couture, Yina said that she put on weight rapidly during puberty (from Sec 1 to Sec 4), and was bullied over her size, being called various names and compared to celebrity actress Chen Li Ping for their similarity in size.[6]

Marriage and Divorce to Jerry Peh

In January 2015, Yina married her first boyfriend Jerry Peh. The two first met at The Ark Music Cafe sometime in 2007, where Yina’s classmates were taking part in a singing competition organised by the cafe.[7] At the time, Jerry was managing the cafe part-time.[8]

On 29 May 2017, Yina announced in a blog post that she and Jerry had officially separated.[9] In the post, she explained that while they both tried to make their relationship work, there were “too many fundamental issues that were swept under the rug over the years, and these seemingly little things eventually festered and grew into huge, painful sores that could never go away.”

A screenshot of Yina’s announcement on her engagement to fiancé Kenneth Loh. Photo from Instagram.

Engagement to fiancé Kenneth Loh

On 7 March 2022, Yina announced in an Instagram post that she was engaged to fiancé Kenneth Loh.[10] The latter proposed to Yina while they were in Paris on vacation. In her post, Yina mentioned that she “found my other half who loves me 100% for who I am. He makes me laugh, feeds me well, loves my dogs and parents as much [as] I do, and tucks me into bed. He has given me every confidence and freedom to be exactly who I am, to explore my potential to the fullest and I am a better person because of that.”[11]

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