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Mission statement

Wiki.sg is a one-stop learning resource for all things Singaporean. Our mission is to digitalise all the information we can find about Singapore, and to make this accessible and free to everyone. At the moment, information about Singapore's history is kept in public institutions like libraries and museums. Digitised information is scattered across multiple sites on the internet. Wiki.SG will be the site that consolidates all this information in one place on the internet. Wiki.sg is not affiliated to Wikipedia, although we embody the same values of integrity and transparency of shared information online.

Currently in our soft launch phase, Wiki.sg will continue to expand our repository of articles and animation videos.

Wiki.sg Code of Ethics

Wiki.sg writes in a factual and objective manner, free from external third-party interests. Wiki.sg will always have full editorial control to present facts as they are. If you're keen to work with us, more information on the type of content we produce can be found on our Contact Us page.

Our team is made up of people who are committed to the following code:

  1. Providing fact-driven information. At Wiki.sg, we practice stringent and rigorous fact-checking. There are strictly no opinion pieces on Wiki.sg. You can trust that our articles have been reliably sourced. If we are unsure of a piece of information, we will state it as such.
  2. Upholding academic rigor. We believe in the transparency of shared information. All the information we present are footnoted and referenced accordingly.
  3. Upholding editorial integrity. We will not accept monetary compensation in exchange for writing articles that compromise our integrity as a learning resource.