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Simon Khung
Simon Khung.png
Born5 November 1987
Other namesSimonboy
ChildrenCaius Khung, Megan Khung

Simon Khung (born on 5 November 1987), better known as Simonboy, is a Singaporean influencer and funeral director.[1][2] As of May 2024, he has a following of over 195,300 users on TikTok, 58,900 on Instagram, and 80,000 on Facebook.[1][3]

Simon was previously a drug addict who served three jail terms at Changi Prison.[4] He has since turned over a new leaf and now raises awareness about substance abuse through content creation online.


Personal life & family

Simon Khung and his fiancé, Chloe Eong. Photo from Instagram.
Simon Khung and his fiancé, Chloe Eong. Photo from Instagram.

Simon Khung is currently engaged to his girlfriend of four years, Chloe Eong.[5] According to an interview with Mothership, Simon met her through a dating app in 2021. In 2023, the couple went viral online after Simon gifted her with a five-figure Rolex watch.[6][7] He often expresses his gratitude and love for his fiancé online, thanking her for her unwavering support over the years.[8] On 17 March 2024, the couple announced their engagement via a joint Instagram post. Simon had proposed to Chloe in the middle of a walk organized for senior citizens.[9]

Subsequently, on 26 March, Simon revealed that his wedding would be held in July 2024.[10]

“[In Mandarin] This is the time for us to create a future together…I hope that no matter what, we will accompany each other on the rest of this journey…Also, thank you for all the trust and support you have given me thus far…I will continue to work hard and will not disappoint you…”[9]

Simon Khung was born and raised in Singapore and has an older brother. While his father passed away in 2013, his mother seems to have remarried. According to Simon, he often borrowed money from his mother to buy drugs. However, despite his offences, she never gave up on him and remained a steadfast pillar of support throughout his recovery.[11]

“My mum didn't give up on me throughout my whole journey. Since young, she doted on me. Even when I became rebellious and violent and took drugs, she was still encouraging and always asking how she could help me.”[11]

Simon posing with his son, Caius (left) and his late daughter, Megan (right). Photos from Instagram.
Simon posing with his son, Caius (left) and his late daughter, Megan (right). Photos from Instagram.

Simon has a son, Caius from the first of his two divorces.[12] Occasionally, Caius guest-stars on his father’s skits and sponsored posts. Simon also had a four-year-old daughter named Megan.[13]

The death of his daughter Megan Khung

Megan Khung Yu Wai was a 4-year-old girl who was born on 4 October 2015 and was found to be murdered in February of 2020. She was allegedly murdered by her mother Foo Li Ping, 24, and Foo's boyfriend Wong Shi Xiang, 33, in February 2022 at their home in Suites@Guillemard condominium in Singapore.[14]


After his release from prison, Simon Khung decided to turn over a new lead and started a clothing brand, a production company, and a popular TikTok account with over 171,000 followers.

Kenwa Orenji (2024 to Present)

Simon Khung with Ah Boys to Men actor, Noah Yap at the soft-launch event for Kenwa Orenji. Photo from Instagram.
Simon Khung with Ah Boys to Men actor Noah Yap at the soft-launch event for Kenwa Orenji. Photo from Instagram.

On 20 January 2024, Simon launched an Omakase restaurant with business partners, Kit Hong Seng and Kenny Thum. As someone who enjoys the Omakase experience, he was eager to embark on this business venture with his fellow co-founders.[15]

Simon Khung with Ah Boys to Men actor, Noah Yap at the soft-launch event for Kenwa Orenji. Photo from Instagram.

Acting (2023 to Present)

Following the success of his TikTok reels advertisement for the hawker stall, Heng Heng Herbal Soup, Simon was offered acting roles by three local directors.[16] In fact, Simon made his acting debut on Jack Neo’s 2023 film, “The King of Musang King”. Subsequently, he also starred in director Kelvin Sng’s 2024 Chinese New Year movie, “King of Hawkers”.[16]

Peace Street Productions (2023 to Present)

Simon Khung with the members of Peace Street Productions. Photo from Instagram.
Simon Khung with the members of Peace Street Productions. Photo from Instagram.

In September 2023, Simon launched a marketing and production company by the name of Peace Street Productions.[17] On top of being the CEO and talent of the company, he also took on directing, which he has developed a passion for.[18]

24 Filial Funeral Services (2023 to Present)

On December 30, 2023, Simon Khung announced that he would be opening 24 Fillial Funeral Services, a round-the-clock funeral parlour.[2] He is also joined by his business partners Alicia and Jackie. Together, they aim to offer a diverse range of wake packages, including burial and post-funeral services.[2]

Simon mentions that this venture is extremely meaningful and that he would take each and every case with all [his] heart professionally”.

“I see it as a God’s opportunity to do something that actually mean SOMETHING! So when this came to me, I took it without a 2nd thought. Other than picturing it to be meaningful, I also have to mentally prepare myself to accept people’s passing daily. Lives that involved the elderly.. as well as the really young ones.”[19]

Chance Apparels (2022 to Present)

Simon started his clothing brand, Chance Apparels back in 2022.[20] Tapping into his personal experiences with overcoming substance abuse, Simon channels it into many of his designs, hoping to inspire others with similar backgrounds. As of December 2023, Change Apparels has since come up with a total of 5 collections.

Bluebird News (2022 to 2023)

Bluebird News or Bluebird Production was a content-creation duo that was made up of Simon Khung and fellow influencer, Luke Chan. In 2022, the pair, who were good friends, began teaming up to create content across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube.[21] The Bluebird social media accounts quickly rose in popularity, including relatable comedic skits, podcasts, and local news.

However, the two decided to part ways and put an end to their venture in 2023.[22] Simon had expressed that he wanted to explore other long-term career opportunities, which Luke was supportive of.[23]

“But after journeying a few months…I kept on exploring because I really needed to monetize, because this is my full-time career. So I explored Hokkien skits and Chinese videos, and it worked for me…I shared openly with Luke why I decided to leave Bluebird first…I really need to take care of this rice bowl because my mom is old.”[23]

Advocacy for drug-abuse

Over the years, Simon Khung has been extremely open about his 16 years of drug abuse. Not only did he serve three jail terms from between 2015 and 2019, but he also went through two divorces and a failed suicide attempt.[24] At his lowest point, Simon had tried to drink bleach to commit suicide but said that he survived, which motivated him to turn over a new leaf for good.[16]

To come clean, he admitted himself to a halfway house and underwent rehab for two years.[23] Over time, he has continued to advocate for anti-drug campaigns and raise awareness about the damaging effects drugs have on families. Simon has also since become a Peer Leader under the Singapore Anti Narcotic Association, where he shares his experiences with substance abuse at the Association’s educational talks.[25]

Newsworthy incidents

Bought a 5-figure Rolex watch for his girlfriend (2023)

On 20 November 2023, Simon Khung posted a photo of his then-girlfriend, Chloe who sported a diamond Rolex on her wrist.[6] The luxurious gift wowed netizens right away, many of whom congratulated her in the comments. In the caption, he expressed his gratitude for her supporting him through thick and thin, saying that she would always “own half of” whatever he had. Simon often shares that it was her belief in him that helped him establish a stable career in social media.

“When I met her, everybody knows, I was riding my bicycle doing food delivery. I only had S$50 in my bank, [but] she stuck with me. She’s working a very normal job, like normal salary, and she trusted in me,”.[23]

Tree-planting event by SANA (2023)

On 20 January 2020, Simon was featured in a Straits Times article on a tree-planting event that was held by the Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association (SANA).[26] Speaking with The Straits Time, he shares that in the future, he hopes to “be able to see the tree growing, and see the rewards of the hard work, effort, and feel a sense of contentment”; drawing a parallel to his life and experiences.[26]

Daughter murdered by ex-wife (2020)

Divorced over disagreements about daughter’s custody

Simon’s late daughter, Megan Khung was born on 4 October 2015. When she was approximately 18 months old, Simon and his then-wife Foo Li Ping divorced due to disagreements over who their daughter should stay permanently with.[14] Foo was insistent on taking custody of her daughter, to which Simon’s family conceded eventually. Subsequently, Foo moved in with her family, breaking off contact with Khung’s family and not letting them visit Megan.[14]

Ex-wife and boyfriend arrested as suspects

In 2020, Foo’s mother contacted the Khungs to inform them that the family had not spoken to Foo since September 2019, raising suspicions over Megan’s safety.[19] On 20 June 2020, the Khung family filed a missing person’s report for Megan.[14]

She was later declared dead by the police and three suspects were arrested for the murder of Megan Khung. Among them were the mother, Foo Li Ping and her boyfriend Wong Shi Xiang.[14] It was reported that the couple’s accomplice, a friend by the name of Nouvelle Chua Ruoshi was also involved in the disposal of Megan’s corpse.[14] The body was brought to Paya Ubi Industrial Park, where it was left to burn in a barrel.[14]

Khung family extremely devastated by the incident

Simon’s family, particularly his older brother and mother were struck with grief and despair after the incident.[14] To this day, Simon dedicates an Instagram post to his late daughter on her birthday each year.[13]

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