Mongchin Yeoh

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Mongchin Yeoh
Mong Chin Yeoh 2023.png
Mongchin Yeoh

17 October 1993
EducationDegree in Accountancy
Alma materChongzheng Primary School, Tanjong Katong Girls Secondary School, Temasek Junior College, Singapore Management University (SMU)
Spouse(s)Matthias Lim (m. 2019)
The thumbnail for the YouTube video documenting Mongchin's surprise proposal.

Mongchin Yeoh, also known by her social media handle Mongabong, is a Singaporean lifestyle blogger and YouTuber (YouTube Channel). As of January 2023, she has more than 295,000 followers on Instagram and more than 111,000 subscribers on YouTube. Mongchin has worked with other Singaporean content creators such as TreePotatoes, ZULA and The Smart Local.

Personal life


In primary school, Mongchin took up choir and Chinese dance as her co-curricular activities. She continued her studies at Tanjong Katong Girls School (TKGS) and was elected as Captain for her school’s badminton team. After secondary school, she enrolled in Temasek Junior College through her Badminton skills via the Direct School Admission (DSA) scheme. She later furthered her studies at Singapore Management University (SMU) and graduated with a bachelor's degree in accountancy.[1] In an interview with ZULA as part of the series 'ZULA Beauty Profiles', Mongchin revealed that her popularity started in SMU when she was freelancing as a model for various blogshops.[2]


In 2013, Mongchin started dating her schoolmate, Matthias. In December 2017, she was told to film a sponsored video for a jewellery client with her boyfriend without realising that it was a surprise proposal. As of July 2019, the video of the surprise proposal has more than 173,000 views on her YouTube channel, making it one of her most popular uploads.[3] Mongchin and Matthias held their wedding at Pan Pacific Singapore on 23 March 2019.[4]

Conception and birth of her son

On 23 July 2022, Mongchin posted an Instagram reel revealing her pregnancy.[5] In the post, she details how both her and her husband had been praying for a child for some time. She has also talked about her struggles with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and having irregular cycles for most of her life.[5][6] In an article published on 10 August 2022 by AsiaOne, Mongchin shared her fears about how the pregnancy would go.

"I hope my body doesn't fail me. Honestly deep down, I'm super scared that something might go wrong or it's just all in my head or when I wake up, it's all a dream"[6]

Mongchin's Gender Reveal Party. Photo from Instagram.
Mongchin's Gender Reveal Party. Photo from Instagram.

On 9 August 2022, Mongchin and Matthias threw a gender reveal party where it was revealed that the baby was a boy.[7]

Mongchin gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Micah Lim on 25 December 2022 after 19 hours of labour. Her baby was born at 4am and was the first baby to be born on Christmas Day in Thomson Medical that year.[7] She was also interviewed by both Zaobao and Shin Min Daily News at the hospital after giving birth.[7]

Career highlights

The promotional poster for Mong Chin's TV show on LIFETIME Asia. Photo from Nylon Singapore.
The thumbnail for Mongchin's Lombok vlog that she uploaded as part of 'Who Runs The World with Mong Chin'.

Who Runs the World with Mong Chin (2018)

In collaboration with LIFETIME Asia, Mongchin was chosen to host a travel show for the television channel. The filming took place in various Southeast Asian countries, Papua New Guinea, Maldives and Palau. In the show, she participated in 6 marathons and was tasked to discover the less touristy areas of each country. The series aired on 12 July 2018[8] and was also featured on the History Channel.[9] Mongchin also documented her travels through vlogs that she uploaded on her YouTube channel.

Blog (2013 - Present Day)

Mongchin started blogging in 2013 as a hobby. She started her blog with posts sharing her personal experience of suffering from eczema since birth. These posts included her recommendations for eczema-friendly beauty products and how else to deal with the medical condition.[10] As of 2019, Mongchin has a variety of written content on her blog ranging from travel to fashion.[11]

YouTube (2013 - Present Day)

Mongchin started her YouTube channel in 2013. Since then, she has published 295 videos (as of July 2019). Her most viewed video is titled “FENTY BEAUTY REVIEW, UNBOXING + (CLOSED) GIVEAWAY + First impressions”, where she gave her personal opinions on the Fenty Beauty line by Rihanna. The video gained more than 635,000 views on YouTube and she also held a giveaway of some beauty products featured in the video.[12]

Mongchin has also been featured in the videos of other Singaporean YouTube channels such as ZULA. In 2019, Mongchin was invited as a guest on the second episode of a new series called 'ZULA Beauty Profiles'. A year earlier, she appeared as a co-host for The Smart Local's 'Hired or Fired' segment.

Mongchin has worked with a significant number of companies. Her main sponsors include Salon Vim Bugis and beauty companies such as Nailed You Good, Dreamlash Korea and The DRx Clinic.[13] She also worked with notable companies such as Clinique, L’Oreal, Dyson, Urban Revivo and Cebu Pacific Airways.[14] In 2017, she collaborated with Vodana and provided a hair tutorial using the company’s hair curler on her channel.[15] With more than 375,000 views on YouTube as of July 2019, the video is currently one of her most highly viewed uploads.

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