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Contact is a one-stop learning resource for all things Singaporean. Our mission is to digitalise all the information we can find about Singapore and to make this accessible and free to everyone. has two major content verticals - articles, and explainer-style animation videos.

Currently in our soft launch phase, will continue to expand our repository of articles and animation videos. If you'd like to work with us, we are contactable via e-mail at [email protected]. Code of Ethics writes in a factual and objective manner, free from external third-party interests. will always have full editorial control to present facts as they are.

Our team is made up of people who are committed to the following code:

  1. Providing fact-driven information. At, we practice stringent and rigorous fact-checking. There are strictly no opinion pieces on You can trust that our articles have been reliably sourced. If we are unsure of a piece of information, we will state it as such.
  2. Upholding academic rigour. We believe in the transparency of shared information. All the information we present is footnoted and referenced accordingly.
  3. Upholding editorial integrity. We will not accept monetary compensation in exchange for writing articles that compromise our integrity as a learning resource.

Working with

Animation videos

Our animation videos bring to life interesting stories of Singapore. These videos offer fresh perspectives on topics such as Singapore history, mysteries, and urban legends. Find examples of our videos here:


We will collaborate with external third parties on a case by case basis. Due to the nature of as a learning resource, our team will have the full editorial freedom to present facts in a neutral manner. That being said, is committed to writing articles that are as comprehensive and reliable as possible.

As a trusted learning resource, is also committed to fighting the spread of fake news in Singapore. We are building a "Fake News Incidents" segment on our site where we suss out fake news and provide clarifications for them.

We are also able to work with government agencies where a partnership makes sense. For example, breaking down complex information about CPF in our Adulting section or creating a section to educate the public on scams going on in Singapore to prevent further crime.

For advertorial enquiries, reach out to us at [email protected].