COVID-19: False partial lockdown announcement

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PM Lee pictured on 3 April 2020. Photo credit to the Ministry of Communications and Information / Business Times.

On 3 April 2020, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced a month-long "circuit breaker" on national television.[1][2] The stay-home measures for businesses and schools were rolled out on 7 and 8 April 2020 respectively. PM Lee has not addressed the nation since then until 21 April 2020.[3] However false news of an impending announcement on 17 April 2020 circulated on messaging channels.

A screengrab of the circulated message containing the false allegations.

Origins of the rumour

On 17 April, a rumour alleging that PM Lee would be making a COVID-19-related announcement later that day surfaced in messaging chats.[4] Not knowing that this was fake news, some individuals interpreted these measures as a "partial lockdown" to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Singapore.[5] There were two main claims made in the message.

Claim 1: Official address by PM Lee on 17 April

The message alleged that PM Lee was scheduled to speak about the COVID-19 situation later that day (17 April).

Claim 2: "Partial lockdown" in Singapore

The details of the "partial lockdown" was stated as such:[6]

(i) Singapore would supposedly be divided into four segments - North, South, East and West. 
(ii) Residents belonging to one region would not be allowed to travel to another.
(iii) These boundaries would be enforced by military personnel. 

Claim 1: Debunked by

The first claim was promptly refuted by on their Telegram channel.[7]'s Telegram and Whatsapp channels are mediums for the government to release official updates instantly and on a larger scale. These channels are managed by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI).[8] The message clearly stated that PM Lee was not addressing the public on 17 April 2020.

Politician Tan Chuan-Jin reposted's confirmation on his Facebook page and expressed his dismay over this case of fear-mongering.[9]

Claim 2: Debunked by the Ministry of Health (MOH)

The Ministry of Health debunked the second claim on their official website.[10] No such lockdown measures were announced or implemented by the Singapore government in the days following 17 April 2020.

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