COVID-19: False case of safe-distancing fine at Ya Kun

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Eateries like Ya Kun and food centres (pictured) use tape markers to enforce safe-distancing among patrons. Photo credit to Yong Jun Yuan/TODAY.

In March 2020, the Singapore government announced that eateries must ensure a distance of one metre between diners at their establishments.[1] In late March, safe-distancing ambassadors were deployed to remind both patrons and businesses of this measure.[2][3][4] In light of this measure, a false message of an individual being fined $300 at Ya Kun's Compass One outlet circulated on Whatsapp and subsequently, Facebook.

Origins of the rumour

One of the many posts on Facebook that circulated the misleading rumour. Photo from AFP Fact Check.

The rumour first circulated on Whatsapp before making its rounds on Facebook around 27 March 2020. Some examples of the fake news on Facebook can be viewed here, here, here and here.[5] In all the Facebook posts, there is a paragraph with the following warning:

They are very serious about it. Good to help out one another. Please let your friends know when u eat out w them, they don’t give chance anymore. $300 is hell lot of money for fine 😱 So don’t sit on the tape with ( / ) or ( X ) ya. Same as queue up.

The individual’s alleged offence was sitting on a seat marked with an X at Ya Kun’s Compass One outlet. The two running claims in the rumours are listed below.

Claim 1: Customer fined at Ya Kun, Compass One

The rumour alleged that a customer had been fined at Ya Kun for sitting on a seat marked for safe-distancing purposes.

Claim 2: Fined by a safe-distancing ambassador

The rumour implied that a safe-distancing ambassador had the authority to issue a fine to members of the public.*

*Disclaimer: The role of an ambassador has changed since the rumour. As of 20 April 2020, safe-distancing ambassadors can issue $300 fines to first-time offenders of safe-distancing measures.[6] However, this was not the case at the time of the rumour.

Claim 1: Debunked by Ya Kun

It was prominently stated in numerous posts that this incident happened at Ya Kun Kaya Toast’s outlet at Compass One in Sengkang.[7] On 28 March, Ya Kun stated that “no such incident happened” at their outlet.[8] This disproves the basis of the message.

Claim 2: Debunked by Enterprise Singapore

The tag worn by safe-distancing ambassadors in Singapore. Photo from

Enterprise Singapore refuted the allegation through a Facebook post dated 27 March 2020. They clarified the role of distancing ambassadors, stating the following:[9]

(i) Ambassadors are to guide and ensure that businesses implement and comply with the safe distancing measures.
(ii) Ambassadors do not impose fines.

This rumour circulated in March. At the time, safe-distancing ambassadors could not yet issue fines to members of the public. Instead, businesses that are found to have breached the Infectious Diseases Act (IDA) can be charged in court for their offence.[10] The owners of such businesses can be jailed for up to six months and/or pay a fine of up to S$10,000.[11]

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