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Xixi Lim
Xixi Lim profile.png
Born25 January 1988
EducationUndergraduate degree in Murdoch University
Alma materRepublic Polytechnic, Murdoch University

Priscilla Lim Xi Xi, better known as Xixi Lim (25 January 1988), is an actress and television personality who starred in the 2022 comedy film, “Ah Girls Go Army”.[1] She also often advocates for the plus-size community as a model and is currently managed by Basic Models Management.[1]

As of May 2023, Xixi Lim has over 54,800 followers on Instagram, 259,200 followers on TikTok, as well as just under 3,300 followers on Facebook.[2][3][4]


Xixi Lim pictured with her mother. Photo from Instagram.

Personal life & family

Xixi Lim comes from a single-parent family and was raised by her mother.[5] She was also a child actress and singer who made her debut after winning a Mediacorp singing competition.[1]

In an interview with meWATCH, Xixi shared that she has not been in a relationship with someone since she was 24 years old.[1]


Xixi Lim is an alumni of Republic Polytechnic, she studied there in 2017 before going on to graduate from Murdoch University with an undergraduate degree.[1]


Xixi Lim plays Yuan Yuan Yuan in Ah Girls Go Army. Photo from Instagram.

Acting and variety (2011 to Present)

Xixi Lim is a Singaporean actor and entertainer who is managed by Basic Artistes, a subsidiary of the Basic Models agency.[6] She officially made her acting debut in the 2011 movie, The Oath and has since become known for taking on comedic roles in her acting projects. However, she has mentioned that she was keen to take on different roles, such as playing a villain instead.[7]

Additionally, Xixi is often involved in reality shows, including 怪咖 (Outcasts) and 谁是带货王 (Streamers Go Live), both of which she is a regular of.[8][9]

Acting Projects

Year Movie/Show Character Role Refs.
2022 Ah Girls Go Army Again Yuan Yuan Yuan Supporting [1]
2022 The Interns Jenifer Choo Supporting [10]
2022 Ah Girls Go Army Yuan Yuan Yuan Supporting [1]
2020 Us Daily Main [11]
2019 Girl Band Called Girl Band Supporting [12]
2019 阴错阳差/Hello From The Other Side 贾希思/Jia Xi Si Supporting [13]
2019 我的万里挑一/My One in a Million 吴蜜蜜/Wu Mi Mi Supporting [14]
2019 我是限量版/Limited Edition Hishiko Supporting [15]
2018 Upside Down Grandma Gow Supporting [16]
2018 超棒名模/FAT HOPE Winnie Main [17]
2017 知星人/My Friends From Afar 榴莲妹 Supporting [18]
2017 混口饭吃而已/Hear My Thoughts Supporting [19]
2017 天公仔/Lucky Boy Wan Wen Supporting [20]
2016 小咖大作战/I Want To Be A Star Supporting [21]
2015 志在四方2/The Dream Makers S2 Supporting [22]
2015 分手快乐/Let It Go Stacy Supporting [23]
2011 The Oath Supporting [12]
Xixi Lim (forth from the right) with the talents of Wah!Banana. Photo from Instagram.

Wah!Banana (2017 to Present)

Xixi Lim joined Wah!Banana in 2017 and has been active as a Talent ever since. She regularly stars in their comedic skits, along with other well-known members like Krishan J and Chrysan Lee.[24]

“I met Kishan from Wah!Banana on the set of Ah Boys to Men 4 and the two of us just couldn’t stop talking. He mentioned that they were having an open casting and asked if I wanted to audition. The rest is history.”[25]

Plus-size model and content creator (2017 to Present)

As an influencer and model, Xixi Lim has worked with several brands, including beauty and fashion names like Sephora and Kate Spade NY.[2] She also often posts fun commentaries and challenges on her social media accounts, and is known for being personable and relatable to her viewers.[3]

Xixi Lim’s debut single, I Am Xixi. Photo from Instagram.

Singing (2022 to Present)

On 6 October 2022, Xixi Lim made her debut as a singer with the single, I Am Xixi.[26] As of May 2023, the music video for the track has amassed over 50,290 views on YouTube.[26]

Media coverage

Playing a plus-sized character in Ah Girls Go Army (2022)

In 2022, Xixi Lim starred in the Jack Neo film, Ah Girls Go Army and played the character, Yuan Yuan Yuan. The movie was criticised by locals for allegedly fat-shaming Xixi’s character, especially as the character’s name meant “round” in Chinese.[27]

However, Xixi herself begged to differ. She instead believed that the role could help to raise the self esteem of other plus-sized women like herself, as it showed that contrary to stereotypes, they also had “great stamina” and the potential to excel in physical activities.

“My character’s name was meant to be funny but some people think that it’s making fun of my body. When I saw that, I thought to myself: Even if my character wasn’t called Yuan Yuan Yuan, people would still make fun of or comment on my body. I don’t see an issue with the name itself and I do think that it’s one that you can remember easily”.[27]

Standing up for herself and speaking out against haters (2022)

In 2022, Xixi was featured on 8days, The Straits Times, and Mothership after she publicly exposed a hater who had been harassing her for a while. She responded to the anonymous user who had been repeatedly fat-shaming her across a period of time, by posting message receipts on her Instagram stories. Derogatory terms and insults like “elephant” and “Mini and Xixi is not something I will put together” were used.[28][29][30]

“Hello sister, I’m so sorry I kept missing your DMs and haven’t given you your wanted attention since. So today, I’m gonna give my fullest attention and address to you.”[28][29][30]

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