Royce Lee

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Royce Lee
Royce Lee profile.png
Born27 February 1990
EducationBachelor of Business Management with a specialization in Marketing and Corporate Communication (Honours)
Alma materSingapore Management University

Royce Lee, born on 27 February 1990, is a prominent Singaporean content creator and professional host.[1][2] Prior to his TikTok breakthrough during the 2020 Circuit Breaker, Royce had already spent over 10 years as an event emcee.[3] His online presence quickly surged as he garnered attention for his daily street interviews, authentic local parodies, and viral HaiDiLao hacks.[4]

As of June 2023, Royce has amassed a substantial following across various platforms, boasting over 114,000 Instagram followers, 105,600 TikTok followers, and nearly 6,000 YouTube subscribers.[5][6][7]


Early life

During his upbringing, Royce Lee thrived in the limelight, showcasing his talent on stage as a performer and host.[4] Notably, he possessed a natural aptitude for public speaking. While his parents initially envisioned a real estate career for him, they wholeheartedly supported his aspirations.[8]

Royce holds admiration for several renowned celebrities, including Pornsak, Michelle Cheong, and even Ellen Degeneres.[8]


From 2012 to 2016, Royce pursued a Bachelor of Business Management with a specialization in Marketing and Corporate Communication (Honours) at the Singapore Management University.[2]

During his tenure, he held the position of President at SMU Broadcast & Entertainment (SMUBE), overseeing four key areas of activities, including events and backstage management.[8] Royce had the privilege of hosting various school events, such as the annual convocation ceremony, patron's day, and even his own commencement ceremony. In addition, he took charge of organizing SMU's Voice Personality Hunt, an experience that ignited his passion for hosting and the entertainment industry.[9]

“The competition took place during the first semester of my freshman year and that was where I had to learn to juggle between studies and this competition. I remember being quite competitive and I was a perfectionist. I did not want to risk any chance of screwing up during the showcase.”[9]

In 2014, Royce successfully secured a place in the Esplanade Youth Emceeing Programme, and his hosting skills and academic progress earned him the Bronze award at the SMU Student Life Awards in 2015.[8]


With a career spanning over 11 years, Royce Lee has established himself as a prominent TV presenter and video content creator under the brand name "Theroycelee".[2] Currently, he also holds the position of Chief Discount Officer at the local e-commerce platform, Lazada.[2]

MediaCorp Pte Ltd (2009)

Royce initially embarked on his journey in the entertainment industry as a part-time actor at MediaCorp Pte Ltd.[2] From January 2009 to December 2009, he showcased his acting prowess in the Channel 8 drama serial "Your Hand in Mine," an experience that further fueled his passion for the world of entertainment.[2]

Macquarie Group (2011 to 2012)

Royce gained experience as a Bank Officer at Macquarie Group, where he handled daily journal and ledger processes, processed payments for clients, and conducted reconciliation of trade accounts.[2]

Singtel (2014)

During his time as a Marketing Intern at Singtel in 2014, Royce contributed to the development and implementation of marketing strategies within the leading telecommunications company.[2]

Michelle Chong Productions (2018 to 2021)

From 2018 to 2021, Royce served as an Artiste at Michelle Chong Productions, actively participating in various projects that further bolstered his presence in the entertainment industry.[2]

Theroycelee (2012 to Present)

Under his brand "Theroycelee," Royce has been a TV presenter and video content creator since 2012, continuously delivering the latest news and entertainment to his Singaporean audience through a multitude of viral videos.[2] His dedication and engaging content have garnered a substantial following.

Royce Lee when he hosted a CNY event with Bloomr.SG. Photo from Instagram.

Professional Events Emcee (2012 to Present)

Since 2012, Royce has hosted a wide range of events, including dinner and dances for prestigious organisations such as Temasek Holdings, Shell, SingPost, and Bottega Veneta. He has also emceed sporting events like the BNP Paribas WTA Finals Singapore and the 28th SEA Games.[2]

Royce's engaging presence and magnetic charisma have made him a sought-after emcee for road shows hosted by companies like HSBC and L'Oréal Paris.[2] Additionally, he has showcased his hosting skills in talk shows, including the esteemed Patron's Day, where he had the honor of welcoming distinguished guests like the President of Singapore, Dr. Tony Tan.[2]

Screenshot of Royce Lee in one of his street interviews. Photo from Instagram.

Content Creator (2012 to Present)

As a Content Creator since 2012, Royce consistently shares daily content on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. His posts, including street interviews discussing Singaporean culture, comedic sketches, travel compilations, and food reviews, have garnered widespread attention with nearly 400,000 views.[6]

Among his most successful TikToks is a parody of the infamous MBS Badge Lady, which has accumulated an impressive 373,300 views.[9]

Lazada Singapore (2021 to Present)

In October 2021, Royce assumed the role of Lazada Singapore's inaugural Chief Discount Officer, marking a significant milestone in his career.[2] Leveraging his talents as a host and content creator, he utilizes his expertise to discover the finest deals in Singapore, delivering exceptional value to Lazada's user base.

Media coverage

Honing his skills and passion for hosting while in University (2015)

In 2015, Royce Lee was interviewed by the National Youth Council's (NYC) Youthopia and the online platform Digital Senior. During these interviews, he shared his journey and the steps he took to realize his ambition of becoming a professional host and emcee.[8][9]

“Never let complacency set in. You must always grow. Push yourself more. We must learn to grow in adversity. Go out in the real world to learn. You need to have hard knocks, learning journeys and be not afraid of testing water, hitting walls and getting rejections. All these are just part and parcel of life.”[9]

20 Questions with The Smart Local (2022)

Royce Lee engaged in an interview with The Smart Local, where he participated in a lively session of "20 Questions".[10] Through the feature, he shared about his impressive track record of hosting events for esteemed clients such as Starhub and McDonald's, along with his love for food and travel.

“I think the biggest question is “What content should I do?” I too faced that challenge. For me is to keep doing, and exploring different options. Once you start the ball rolling, you can slowly figure out what you want to do along the way.”

Royce Lee’s feature on The Straits Times. Photo from The Straits TImes.

Featured by The Straits Times (2023)

In 2023, Royce Lee was featured in The Straits Times where he was recognised for his impact as a content creator and emcee.[4] The article recognized his significant influence as a content creator and emcee. It delved into his rise to local stardom, highlighting some of his most notable works, including parodies of the MBS Badge Lady, sugar baby culture, and Singapore Airlines flight stewards.[4]

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