Rachel Wan

Rachel Wan

Rachel Wan Photo from Instagram.

Rachel Durano Wan (born in 1996) is a Singaporean actress and influencer who is best known for her breakout role as Loh Ah Yoke Shelly in the television drama, KIN.[1] As of March 2023, Rachel Wan has over 54,500 followers on Instagram and 70,700 followers on TikTok.[2] [3]


Personal life & family

Rachel Wan pictured with her late father. Photo from Instagram.

Rachel Wan was born to a Filipino mother and late Singaporean father. Her parents got a divorce when she was 12 years old.[4][5] According to an interview with 8days, Rachel now resides with her mother and younger brother.[4] While she admits that the separation and the absence of her father created distance in the parent-child relationship with her him, the news of his esophageal cancer diagnosis urged her to rekindle their relationship.

“When I learnt about it, I was surprised that my first instinct was to forget any grudges I had. How could I continue hating him when he was sick? My daddy needed me.”[4]

As of March 2023, Rachel Wan is in a relationship with fellow Singaporean actor, Edwin Goh.[6][7] On 27 March 2023, the couple took to Instagram to reveal their relationship.[8][9]

Rachel Wan and Edwin Goh. Photo from Instagram.


Rachel Wan graduated with a Diploma in Performance at LASALLE College of Arts.[10] Prior to that, she attended Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School.[10]


Acting and variety (2012 to Present)

Rachel Wan with her on-screen brother, played by Aaron Khaled (left) and Jason Godfrey (right). Photo from Instagram.

Rachel Wan is an artiste represented by the local talent agency, TCP Media Group.[11] Since her acting debut in 2012, she has participated in several television projects, most notably KIN.[12]

Acting projects (2012 to Present)

Year Movie/Show Character Role Refs.
2018 to 2022 KIN Loh Ah Yoke Shelley Main [12]
2021 The Cheaters App Tessa Wong Main [12]
2020 Classmates Sarah Goh Main [12]
2019 The Wedding Survival Hand Tracy Ooi Supporting [12]
2019 Repossession Ashley Main [12]
2018 Senior Management Belle Supporting [12]
2018 We The Citizens Various roles Supporting [12]
2018 No Catalogue Audrey Tan Main [12]
2018 Fam Queenie Supporting [12]
2016 Fine Tune Young Lisa Wong Supporting [12]
2014 Trace Lireal Young Main [12]
2012 Journey With Me Adele Main [1]

Variety shows (2020 to 2021)

Year Programme/Show Refs.
2021 Say It Right!/你在说什么? [13]
2020 Food Chase [14]
2020 Prank It!/这个是不是Prank?! [15]
2019 Body & Soul S6 [16]

Influencer (2016 to Present)

Rachel Wan and her mother for a Foodpanda campaign. Screenshot from Instagram.

Rachel Wan is very active on social media platforms Instagram and TikTok, regularly publishing lifestyle and comedy content.[2][3] She has also joined the product campaigns of several prominent brands, including Foodpanda and Levi’s.[2][11]

YouTube features (2020)

In 2020, Rachel Wan made a few appearances on TEAM NOC’s YouTube channel. She was a guest on its The Time We Broke Up series, on an episode centred on rocky past relationships.[17] She also played 40 Questions for Team NOC.[18]

“Getting over him was difficult because we were still in the same class. So can you imagine breaking up with your boyfriend and then still going to class every single day. And having to be, you know, professional…When I finally moved on, it felt very…it was a weight off my shoulder.”[17]

While she was shooting for the TV series, KIN, Rachel featured on The Urban Wire’s interview series.[19] The actress took the audience on a “day-in-the-life-of” style tour on the set of KIN.[19]

“For me, generally memorising lines has become a lot easier because I’ve been shooting KIN for a year now. I also personally don’t like to memorise my lines word for word because then it will come out rather unnaturally. It’s much better for me to memorise the intention of the line, rather than the line.”[19]

Media coverage

ZULA (2019)

In 2019, Rachel Wan was featured on ZULA, a female-centric lifestyle site.[1] In the article, she shared her skincare and makeup tips, as well as product picks and favourites.[1]

Making headlines after announcing relationship with Edwin Goh (2023)

On 27 March 2023, Rachel Wan publicly announced her relationship with Mediacorp actor, Edwin Goh in an Instagram post.[5] Edwin had previously been in a 2-year relationship with Ukranian model Darina Sheremet, so the new couple’s announcement was a pleasant surprise and even made headlines on local news outlets like CNA, The Straits Times, and 8days.[4][6][7]

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