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PRISM+ is a Singaporean consumer tech company that specialises in gaming monitors and television sets.[1] The brand is renowned for using a direct-to-consumer e-commerce business model to offer its products at affordable prices.[2]

PRISM+'s logo.



The PRISM+ X315. Image from Hardware Zone.

In March 2017, PRISM+ was launched as an offshoot of Aftershock PC, a company that specialises in inexpensive gaming personal computers (PCs).[3] In keeping with the low-cost pricing model of its predecessor, PRISM+ debuted with the X315 and X340 models, which cost SGD450 and SGD899 respectively. Both monitors featured high refresh rates and curved screens.

Business growth

Since its launch in 2017, PRISM+ has achieved considerable success in its business, achieving the Lazada Top Seller in Electronics award in 2019.[4] Along with its sister companies Aftershock and Omnidesk, PRISM+ has expanded overseas to Malaysia and Australia.[5]

Social media following

Below is a tally of PRISM+’s social media following as of 5 September 2021:

Country Facebook Instagram Linkedin Refs
Singapore 62.7k 28.7k 12k [2][6][7]
Malaysia 7.9k 12.7k N/A [8][9]
Australia 438 311 N/A [10][11]


PRISM+ has managed to win a few awards to date. Below is a tabulation of the awards that PRISM+ is known to have won:

Year Award Issuer Refs
2019, 2020 Top Seller in Electronics Lazada [4][12]
2021 Top TV (Mid Year Edition) BlackBookAsia Magazine [13]
2021 Second Best Gaming Monitor Branc HardwareZone [14]

Social media presence

PRISM+ adopts a customer-centric approach in its business, using user-generated content on its social media to market its products.[15] It frequently reposts its users’ gaming and television setups in its Instagram stories and posts, and also encourages its users to share photos of their setups.

Influencer engagement

Local influencer Fauzi Aziz promoting PRISM+ X240. Photo from Instagram.

In addition to user-generated content, PRISM+ is also known to engage local influencers like Fauzi Aziz,[16] Preetipls,[17] and Tay Ping Hui[18] to promote their products. This is mainly done on Instagram, where its profile has a dedicated “Influencers” feature tab that compiles all the posts and stories that local influencers have created with its products.[7]


On 8 April 2019, PRISM+ announced its partnership with Resurgence, Singapore’s largest professional eSports organisation.[19] With this partnership, PRISM+ outfitted Resurgence’s training facilities with its F270 monitors. Marcus Wee, co-founder of PRISM+, was enthusiastic about the partnership:

“We have been looking forward to seeing a local eSports organisation make a name for themselves the way that Resurgence has. Being as proud of them as we are and believing in their potential for recognition on the global platform, we are more than happy to be furnishing their training establishment with the best gaming facilities.”[19]

Although details of PRISM+’s other partnerships are sparse, its official website indicates that it has formed partnerships with brands like Secret Lab, Rajah & Tann, IMC, and Saxo Markets.[20]

Expansion of product offerings

On 23 October 2020, PRISM+ was credited for being the first Singapore brand to launch smart 4K Android televisions.[1] Powered by Google’s Android TV operating system, these televisions have a starting price range of SGD699 to SGD1,599.

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