Ms Puiyi (Malaysian Model)

Ms Puiyi or MSPUIYI (born 1 August 1998) is a Malaysian DJ, model and influencer who rose to fame for her risque content.[1] After a hacking incident in 2019, which resulted in a leaking of Ms Puiyi’s nude photos.[2] This pushed the influencer to produce and monetize her own photos through the subscription platform, OnlyFans.[2]

Ms Puiyi. Photo from Instagram.

Ms Puiyi has amassed over 20.3 million followers on Instagram, 1.4 million followers on TikTok, and over 70,300 subscribers on YouTube.[3][4][5]


Personal life & family

Miss Puiyi pictured with her parents. Photo from Instagram.

Born Siew Puiyi, Ms Puiyi was first raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia alongside two sisters.[6] When she was just 9 years old, her family moved to Pulau Pinang.[6]

Ms Puiyi and her boyfriend, Mark O’Dea. Photo from Instagram.

She is currently dating Mark O’Dea, an English content creator and actor who is based in Malaysia.[7]


Ms Puiyi pursued her secondary education at SMK Datuk Onn, and later enrolled in a Penang college.[6] However, in a self-produced documentary, she also revealed that she dropped out of college after her second year, because she felt “too stifled” in Penang and did not have enough space to grow creatively.[2]

Miss Puiyi at her university graduation. Photo from Instagram.

In 2021, Ms Puiyi graduated from Troy University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.[8]


Ms Puiyi is a DJ, online influencer and entrepreneur.[1] Besides producing a regular stream of content on various social media platforms, she is also the founder of two beauty product lines, Kiseki Skincare and MSPUIYI Cosmetics.[1]

OnlyFans (2019 to 2022)

Ms Puiyi started an OnlyFans account in 2019, which propelled her to online fame.[2][6] However, on 3 December 2022, she announced that she would be quitting the platform in favour of a career change.[9]

Hackers demand thousands in ransom after hacking into her laptop and social media accounts (2019)

In late 2019, Ms Puiyi decided to send her laptop for repairs and later discovered that the device was hacked into.[2]

The hackers also got into her google drive accounts, which gave them access to unreleased, personal nude photos.[2] Ms Puiyi was able to confirm this after concerned fans reached out to her to say that they had received suspicious-looking emails from her. The emails were promoting the sale of these photos.[2]

“The emails state that a seller has my nude pictures and the price is RM238. It’s even cheaper than a prostitute. Well, I thought it like that.”[2]

With that, they were able to coerce Ms Puiyi into paying them a hefty fee of MYR 18,000. According to Ms Puiyi, the hackers appeared to be 3 helmet-bearing men who arranged to meet her at a Shell petrol station.[2] But it did not go as planned as the men smashed their car mirror, seized the bag of cash, and fled the scene.[2]

Monetizing and taking control of her own nude content through OnlyFans (2019)

After the traumatic incident involving the stolen photos, Ms Puiyi eventually took to social media to share her experience and explain her temporary absence from the various platforms. Her story began to gain traction online, making headlines and gaining interest and engagement from netizens.[2]

With her growing fame, she also began to fear that the hackers might return to ask for a higher ransom.[2] Eventually, they tried to extort MYR50,000 from Ms Puiyi, but the influencer had already decided not to “die by another’s hands” and monetize her own pictures.[2] As time went on, she only continued leaning more into racy content. She decided to start an OnlyFans career out of it.

“At that time, I saw that the news was getting attention. I was really scared that one day, if I reached over 2 million followers, [he would] think I’m more valuable. He will not ask for MYR18,000 then. What if he demands for more? So, I took more sexy pictures. You would observe that my style [was] getting sexier.”[2]

Deciding to end her OnlyFans journey (2022)

On 3 December 2022, in a press conference, Ms Puiyi announced that she did not want to work on OnlyFans anymore and sought to reinvent and “mature” herself as a content creator and DJ.[9]

Influencer (2017 to Present)

Miss Puiyi is active on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Photo from Instagram.

Ms Puiyi began growing her following on social media platforms from a young age, even participating in beauty competitions and modelling for magazines to build up her portfolio.[2] Every year, she publishes a personal photobook. To produce her 2019 “Be My Sugar” photobook, Ms Puiyi decided to spend about MYR10,000, which was all her savings at the time.[2]

“I always do things like this. Every year, I’ll produce one project at least. Because my concept is simple. There’s plenty of beauties in the field. If you want others to remember you, you must do something extraordinary.”[2]

Coupled with her boost in popularity after starting an OnlyFans career, her online presence grew exponentially and she soon became one of the most followed individuals in Malaysia, on Instagram.[3] Ms Puiyi also quickly piqued the interest of media publications like Penthouse POM and Hypebeast.[3][10] In fact, she is the first Southeast Asian to appear on the cover of Penthouse POM magazine in January 2022.[10]

Ms Puiyi is also active on TikTok, where many of her videos and DJ clips have gone viral with anywhere between 200,000 to 1 million views.[4]

MSPUIYI Cosmetics (2021 to Present)

MSPUIYI Cosmetics’ Matte Liquid Lipstick in Cheeky. Photo from Instagram.

On 2 January 2021, Ms Puiyi launched her cosmetics line, MSPUIYI Cosmetics.[11] Its signature products include the Matte Liquid Lipsticks, which come in 9 shades (Player, Filthy, Skin, Risque, Cheeky, Passion, Fruity, Sugar, Foreplay).[11]

Kiseki Skincare (2021 to Present)

In September 2021, Ms Puiyi launched Kiseki Skincare with 3 products: a cleanser, toner, and serum.[12] It is focused around a key ingredient, Sakura Extract which the brand claims to boost collagen production and help repair skin damage.[12]

DJ (2022 to Present)

After deciding to put a halt to her OnlyFans activities, Ms Puiyi has been steadily growing and gaining recognition as a DJ.[9] She often hosts events in Malaysia but has done events overseas, including countries like the UK, Myanmar, and Hong Kong.[3]

YouTube (2022 to Present)

In 2022, Ms Puiyi launched her YouTube channel, MSPUIYI where she regularly posts lifestyle and beauty vlogs.[5] She also uses the platform to document her life and career as a DJ. As of February 2023, she has gained 70,300 followers.[5]

On 9 May 2022, Ms Puiyi made her debut as a singer with the song, “Men-Mory”, in collaboration with the DJ and producer Goldfish.[13] As of February 2023, the music video for the song has managed to amass 47,990 views.[13]

Acting (2023 to Present)

Ms Puiyi made her acting debut in 2023, with the romance flick, “KL Love Story” and the horror film, “PULAU”.[1]

The promotional poster for PULAU. Photo from IMDb.

PULAU’s trailer received strong criticism over excess show of skin and racy scenes (2023)

While the trailer for the horror film, “PULAU” managed to hit a million views within 9 days’ time, it was also met with strong objections to its content.[14] Concerns were raised over the amount of sexual and provocative scenes that were previewed from the upcoming film.[14]

Besides criticism from the Malaysian public, Malaysian Minister of Communications and Digital Fahmi Fadzil took to Twitter to comment that the film was "not suitable to be shown", but that the final verdict would depend on the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia’s decision.[14]


MSPUIYI Scholarship Fund (2023)

Ms Puiyi announced that she would be giving away USD1 million worth of scholarships. Image adapted from YouTube.

On 14 February 2023, Ms Puiyi announced that she would be giving away USD1 million worth of scholarships to underprivileged students.[15][16]

Under the MSPUIYI Scholarship Fund, each student will be granted USD1,000 to pursue a field of their choice. Along with the monetary support, beneficiaries will be provided business startup grants upon graduation.[16]

“As someone growing up in the outskirts of Malaysia, my family is not privileged enough to be able to fund my studies. I wanted to pursue Medicine, but I couldn’t. So I have to work every single day and to very late nights, and going from colleges and then to work a part-time job as a model…all over the place. But now that I am able to make a difference, I wish to give back to the society by starting out this scholarship, to students that need it the most.”[16]

Media coverage

Gaining online attention for her risque dressing in London (2022)

In May 2022, Ms Puiyi visited the National Gallery of London and The British Museum while donning revealing outfits.[17] She also proceeded to post these outfits on Instagram, which were a photograph of a see-through top without wearing a bra, and another of the influencer flashing her breasts.[17]

While many of her followers were appreciative of the content she shared, other netizens were conflicted about whether the choice of dressing was appropriate for the respective venues.[17]

Sparks outrage upon local Vietnamese for donning traditional costume inappropriately (2022)

On 4 April 2022, Ms Puiyi received a heap of criticism after she posted a photo of her wearing the traditional Vietnamese costume, the ao dai without pants.[10] Local netizens quickly took to Instagram to call her out for her “disrespectful” and “immodest” behaviour.[10]

Two days later, Ms Puiyi posted an apology on Facebook, in Vietnamese, English, and Mandarin.[10]

Involved in a scandal with OnlyFans creator, Titus Low (2022)

On 4 October 2022, Ms Puiyi uploaded a TikTok where she appeared to behave intimately with fellow influencer Titus Low.[18] The online personalities claimed that it was a collaboration, despite having been engaged to Malaysian influencer, Cheryl Chin.[18]

Cheryl also seemed to express her discomfort with the content after she posted a comment under the now-deleted TikTok: “I guess this is content but there's boundaries, no?”.[18] Soon after, she also posted a TikTok of her in tears, but later deleted it.[18]

This sparked outrage and disapproval amongst fans, who took to the social media platform to express how they felt Titus Low’s behaviour was inappropriate, given his circumstances at the time.[18] He later apologised for his actions and vouched that “this [would] not happen again".[18]

Making headlines and gaining online attention after announcing her scholarship fund (2023)

In February 2023, Ms Puiyi made headlines after she announced that she was going to put out a scholarship fund for underprivileged students.[15][19] While it was framed as a good deed where the influencer could pay it forward, netizens were surprised at the hefty amount she was offering, for USD1 million was no small sum.[15][19]


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