Sean Nicholas Sutiono (Mister Singapore)

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Sean Nicholas Sutiono
Mister Singapore (Sean Nicholas Sutiono).jpg
BornBorn 1995
EducationBA in Accounting and Finance, Newcastle University

Sean Nicholas Sutiono (born 1995) is the current Mister Singapore.[1] He is known for representing Singapore in the 2022 Mister International competition, where he entered wearing just a pair of black shorts and boots.[2]


Sean gained attention in 2022, when photos of him wearing black shorts and boots as his national costume went viral on social media. In addition to his career in pageantry, he is also a fitness model, influencer, and personal trainer.[3]


Sean graduated from Newcastle University with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance.[4]


Sean’s debut pageant was the 2022 Mister International competition, where he represented Singapore.[5] In February 2023, he represented Singapore again in the Mister Global competition held in Chiang Mai, Thailand.[2]

Photo from Instagram.


National costume controversy

Prior to the Mister International competition, the organisers posted a series of photos on their Instagram page of contestants in their national costumes.[6] Sean was criticised for his outfit, which consisted only of a pair of black shorts, black boots, and a Singapore flag.

The criticism mainly revolved around the skimpiness of the outfit, the perceived lack of thought and effort that went into constructing it, and the lack of authenticity, as critics felt that the outfit was unrepresentative of Singapore’s culture and heritage.[7]

Photo from Reddit.

National flag defacement controversy

Following the 2022 Mister International competition, a photo of Sean holding up a Singapore flag signed by his fellow competitors went viral on social media.[8]

While the image generated plenty of buzz online, netizens had divided opinions.[9] Some felt that having competitors sign directly onto the flag would be tantamount to defacement, an offence punishable by up to 6 months imprisonment, a S$30,000 fine, or both under the National Symbols Act.  Others felt that the law was intended to prevent malicious defacement of the flag, where in this case, it was well-wishes that were written on the flag.

Sean did not respond to the controversy.


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