Kartik Kunasegaran (Australian Idol)

Kartik Kunasegaran (born 1996) is a Singapore-born Australian singer who made it to the Top 30 contestants in the eighth season of the Australian Idol.[1] He is currently based in Sydney, where he pursues his singing career under the abbreviated name, Kartik Kuna.[2]

Kartik Kunasegaran
Kartik Kunasegaran. Photo from Facebook..png

As of March 2023, Kartik has gained a following of 1,100 on Facebook and 3,450 followers on Instagram.[3][4]


Personal life & family

Kartik Kunasegaran was born in Singapore, but raised in Tasmania, Australia. In an interview with The Straits Times, he mentioned that he had briefly resided in Singapore while completing his Service, before he returned to Australia.[5]

“Growing up in Singapore, it’s a cool place to grow up. It’s just very academic over there. I didn’t really realise my musical passions until we came to Australia.”[6]

Kartik Kunasegaran with his parents and two sisters. Photo from Facebook.


Kartik Kunasegaran graduated from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music with a major in Classical Piano Performance.[5]


Singapore Armed Forces Music & Drama Company

While completing his National Service in Singapore, Kartik Kunasegaran joined the Singapore Armed Forces’ Music & Drama Company (MDC), where he was able to foster his musical skills and passion for performing.[5]

His membership in MDC also granted him the opportunity to perform at the 2014 National Day Parade, in front of a 27,000-large audience.[5]

“MDC was great because I had two years to hone my craft. I had time to learn how to sing better, I got trained in dance and I got trained to host as well.”[5]

Singer (2016 to Present)

Kartik Kunasegaran is a singer-songwriter who is currently based in Sydney, Australia.[3] He often engages in collaborative projects with other Asian or South-Asian artists.[2] In fact, he started a nine-month long project in 2022, where he released a collaborative single every month.[2][3]

Discography (2016 to Present)

Year Album/Single Tracks Ref.
2022 Out on Me Out on Me [2]
2022 We’ll Be Alright We’ll Be Alright [2]
2022 Today I Miss You Today I Miss You [2]
2022 The Rain The Rain [2]
2022 Chance on We Chance on We [2]
2022 I Told You So I Told You So [2]
2022 Divide Divide [2]
2022 Good Times Good Times [2]
2021 The Wanderlust - EP
  • Wanderlust
  • Lucy
  • Never Wanna Grow Up
  • Miss Hard to Get
2021 Wanderlust Wanderlust [2]
2021 Lucy Lucy [2]
2021 Songs About You
  • Used to Crazy
  • Fallin for You
  • I Can’t Wait
  • Do You Deserve It
  • Another Song About You
  • Fallin for You - Live
2021 Do You Deserve It Do You Deserve It [2]
2020 Fallin’ for You Fallin’ for You [2]
2020 Used to Crazy Used to Crazy [2]
2016 Home Away from Home Home Away from Home [2]
Kartik Kunasegaran performs his single, “We’ll Be Alright” alongside the Indonesian singer-songwriter GRACE. Photo from Facebook.

Performing for The Sydney Live Sessions (2021)

As part of Madame Tussauds Sydney’s move to promote the city’s live music scene, they organised a series of afternoon gigs in March 2021. Named “The Sydney Live Sessions”, Kartik was among a revolving cast of singer-songwriters to perform for this event.[7]

Selling out his first live show (2022)

On 30 June 2022, Kartik sold out his first live show with an 8-piece band. The show featured fellow artists like Taylor B-W and Xaysha, and was held at Lazy Bones Lounge in Marrickville, Australia.[8]

Subsequently, he held his debut performance in Singapore with Singapore Global Network, before ending the year with another headline show in Sydney.[9][10]

Making it to Top 30 at The Australian Idol (2023)

In February 2023, Kartik successfully passed the initial audition for the eighth season of Australian Idol, with an acoustic performance of “Treasure” by Bruno Mars.[5] Among thousands of other contestants, he was eliminated at Top 30 after a group performance of “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake.[3]

“I was definitely upset that I JUST missed out on making the Top 24, but Top 30 is still pretty good considering there were over 5,000 people who auditioned across the country!...The whole reason I wanted to go on the show was to represent all my beautiful South Asians as there needs to be more diversity on our TV screens to truly represent what Australia actually looks like. Growing up here as an immigrant kid since I was 9, I’ve come to realise that my dharma (purpose in life) is to inspire the next brown generation to pursue a career in the arts if that’s what they love, and I hope I’ve done that for y’all and your kids through my music.”[1]

Media coverage

Kartik Kunasegaran’s exclusive feature on The Straits Times. Photo from Facebook.

Interviewed and featured by The Straits Times, Seithi Mediacorp, and 8days (2023)

In February 2023, local news and media outlets like The Straits Times, Seithi Mediacorp, and 8days published articles featuring Kartik Kunasegaran and his appearance on Australian Idol.[5][11] As he and his family hailed from Singapore, these publications largely covered the singer’s story and life abroad.


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