Johnathan Chua

Johnathan Chua (born 1990) is a Singaporean entrepreneur.[1] He is also the co-founder and CEO of GRVTY Media, a digital media collective that manages Vulcan Post, Millennials of Singapore and The Playbook.[2][3]

Johnathan Chua. Photos from TODAY Online and The UrbanWire.



In 2008, Johnathan enrolled in Temasek Polytechnic, where he studied Leisure and Resort Management.[4] He graduated with a Diploma in 2011.[4]

Johnathan was a student at RMIT University’s Singapore Institution of Management (SIM) campus from 2013 to 2014, where he studied Business Management.[4][5]

Personal Life

Johnathan and his wife Patrina. Photo from Instagram.

Johnathan and his wife Patrina Tan started dating when they were both 18 years old.[6] They got married in 2018, after 10 years of dating.[6] The couple are currently trying and planning for children.[7]


According to LinkedIn, Johnathan has worked various jobs in different industries since 2013.[2] These include but are not limited to:

Designation and Company Duration Ref.
Director Of Business Development, YDMG Media May 2015 - March 2017 [2]
Director of Business Development, Gushcloud Pte Ltd January 2015 - March 2017 [2]
Assistant Project Manager, The Meeting Lab 2013 - January 2015 [2]

GRVTY Media (April 2017 - Present)

A screenshot of a Real Talk episode. Photo from YouTube. 

In April 2017, Johnathan co-founded GRVTY Media, a digital media collective.[3] Said collective manages publications like Vulcan Post and The Playbook, as well as YouTube channel Millennials of Singapore (MOSG).[3] MOSG is particularly known for Real Talk, a talk show-esque series that tackles mature topics like love, sex and mental health.[8]

The Daily Ketchup Podcast (June 2021 - Present)

A screenshot of The Daily Ketchup Podcast’s interview with Minister for Law K. Shanmugam. Photo from YouTube.

In 2021, Johnathan started hosting The Daily Ketchup Podcast, another MOSG venture from the same team behind Real Talk.[9] According to their Instagram page, The Daily Ketchup is “a news commentary podcast on the latest and quirkiest happenings in Singapore and around the world”.[10]

Chain Debrief (October 2021 - Present)

Following the surging popularity of cryptocurrency in 2021, Johnathan co-founded Chain Debrief, a platform aimed at teaching its users the ins and outs of cryptocurrency and investments.[3][11]

Media appearances

TODAY Online (January 2020)

Johnathan was interviewed in a section of TODAY Online’s article on the YouTube industry in Singapore published on 11 January 2021.[12] In this interview, Johnathan talks about how it is like to be a new player in the YouTube scene in Singapore, as well as how his company, GRVTY Media, juggles standing out from the competition as clients get increasingly knowledgeable about the industry.[12]

“When we first started, there were a lot of cowboy players who were charging stupid amounts of money that was very, very hard to justify. There was no sense of normalisation.”[12]

I Love Children (March - October 2020)

From March to October 2020, Johnathan was a regular contributor to I Love Children (ILC), a Singapore-based social service agency advocating a higher priority to having children and educating couples on fertility wellness.[13] Through the five blog posts he has made on the site, Johnathan talks about his relationship with his wife Patrina from how the couple started dating to how they overcame arguments.[14]

The UrbanWire (July 2020)

In July 2020, Johnathan spoke to The UrbanWire on his journey with GRVTY Media and Real Talk, as well as his plans for the future.[5] He explains that the idea for Real Talk came about when he and his co-host Dew Francis were talking over drinks one night.[5]

“Everytime we cracked a joke, we laughed, and the [people at the] table behind us also laughed, so we realised that they were listening to our rubbish the whole time.”[5]

As for the fame that came with the series, Johnathan said he was slowly getting used to it.

“When you go out on the streets and people recognise you, they know something deeply personal about you, but you don’t know them at all.”[5]

On the topic of Real Talk’s hiatus, Johnathan emphasised that the show was not going anywhere, but getting a reboot.[5] He also said that future episodes would focus more on relatability with their audience than controversial issues and events.[5]

“We are trying to retain as much of the flavours [Real Talk has] as possible, but this time, it’s less focused in terms of how wild our personal stories can be, and will have a stronger focus on relatability.”[5]


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