Jemma Wei

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Jemma Wei
Jemma Wei.png
Born21 September, 1992
EducationMFA in Fiction, Columbia University
Alma materNanyang Technological University
Spouse(s)Shane Lim (m.2022)

Jemma Wei (born Jemimah James Wei) is a Singaporean writer and host.[1] She is currently based in San Francisco, California.[1]


Jemma and her husband Shane. Photo from Instagram.

Jemma Wei rose to popularity as a host on the Clicknetwork show Hype Hunt. Though she started her career in social media, she “shifted much of her focus to literary projects” from 2017.[1]

Early life & family

Jemma was born and raised in Singapore.[1] She has two sisters.[2] In 2022, she married Shane Lim, her boyfriend of 9 years.[3]

Jemma’s Instagram post announcing her acceptance to Stanford University. Photo from Instagram


Jemma received her Bachelor's degree in 2015 from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, where she majored in English Language and Literature and minored in Creative Writing.[4] She received her Masters degree in Creative Writing from the same institution, where she graduated in 2017.[3]

In 2022, Jemma graduated from Columbia University with a Masters of Fine Arts in Fiction.[3] There, she became a Felipe P. De Alba Fellow in 2020.

In March of 2022, she was admitted to the Creative Writing program at Stanford University as a Stegner fellow.[5] She is expected to complete the 2-year program in 2024.



Jemma started hosting in 2012 after being discovered by a producer for ClickNetwork Tv[6], an online video network based in Singapore. Jemma began hosting longform content in 2015, when she was casted as a co-host alongside Rozalind Pho. Together, the pair hosted the online reality series Hype Hunt, which aired on YouTube and the ClickNetwork platform.

Since then, Jemma has hosted programmes for NBC, Singtel, and IMDA.


Jemma is currently working on her debut novel and two short story collections.[7] She has had 22 fictional and 6 non-fiction pieces published.[7]Jemma authors a biweekly column, Curbside, for No Contact Magazine.[7] She is a Submissions Editor for SmokeLong Quarterly.[7]


Since 2020, Jemma has won and been nominated for numerous awards for her work.[8] The full list can be found below.

Year Organization Award Work Won/Nominated
2023 Pushcart Press Pushcart Prize “The Bet”, “Salvation”, “Paper Pledges” Nominated
2022 Ruminate Magazine William Van Dyke Short Story Prize “The Bet” Won
2022 Commonwealth Foundation Commonwealth Short Story Prize “The Original Daughter” Longlisted
2022 Stockholm Writers Festival First Pages Prize “The Original Daughter” Longlisted
2022 Best of the Net Best of the Net “Alexa” Finalist
2022 Best of the Net Best of the Net “The Lunch Party” Nominated
2021 Narrative Magazine Narrative 30 Below “Paper Pledges” Finalist
2021 Pushcart Press Pushcart Prize “nth State of Matter” Nominated
2020 SmokeLong Quarterly SmokeLong Quarterly Award “Waiting” Finalist
2020 Nimrod International Journal Francine Ringold Awards for New Writers “Bleach” Honouree
2020 Pushcart Press Pushcart Prize “The Life Cycle of Temporal Biomatter Attachments”, “Everything is Fine” Nominated
2020 X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine Best of X-R-A-Y Fall Collection “The Life Cycle of Temporal Biomatter Attachments” Featured


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