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Jade Rasif
Jade Rasif.png
Born21 January 1994
EducationBachelor of Arts (Psychology)
Alma materNational University of Singapore (NUS)
Height158 cm (5 ft 2 in)

Jade Rasif (born 21 January 1994) is a Singaporean DJ (disc jockey) and online personality. She is one of the hosts of Real Talk, a YouTube talk show series on the Millennials of Singapore channel. In 2013, she was the first runner-up at the annual New Paper New Face beauty pageant. As of June 2020, Jade has 342,000 followers on Instagram.


Jade is a DJ and social media influencer best known for being the highest-paid DJ in Singapore, as well as for speaking out on typically contentious issues. In a 2018 episode of Real Talk titled 'Plastic Surgery', she shared that she had done breast augmentation surgery to increase her cup size from 30C to E as well as a permanent rhinoplasty that cost her S$10,000.[1]

Early life & family

Jade Rasif was born on 21 January 1994 to David Rasif and Joyce Fong. In an interview with Dyslexia Association Singapore (DAS), Jade shared that she was diagnosed with dyslexia at 8 years old.[2] She managed her condition through learning programmes at DAS and support from her mother. Jade's biological father is an ex-lawyer and a fugitive wanted by Singapore.[3] He left the family in 2006 when he absconded with S$11.3 million of his client’s money. At the time, Jade was a Primary 6 student about to sit for her Primary School Leaving Examinations.[4] The eldest of three siblings, Jade has two younger sisters - Tyen Rasif and Khym Fong.


Jade went to CHIJ Toa Payoh Primary School and subsequently, Saint Joseph’s Institution International (SJII) school. She completed her pre-university studies at Catholic Junior College (CJC) where she scored five distinctions in her GCE 'A' Level examinations.[5] Jade furthered her studies at the National University of Singapore (NUS), graduating with a degree in Psychology.

Pregnancy & child

Jade and her sister, Tyen. Photo from YouTube.

Jade revealed her pregnancy in November 2018 on ‘The Cauliflower Episode’ of Real Talk. At the time of the announcement, she was more than seven months pregnant despite her unnoticeable baby bump.[6] Jade shared that her sister, Tyen Rasif helped her to maintain her figure with a suitable training plan.[7][8] Jade gave birth to a baby boy later that year, although the details of her delivery and the identity of her son's father have been kept secret.[9]

Later on, in an interview with The Straits Times, she shared that despite her initial shock, “there was never a doubt in [her] mind” that she wanted to keep her child.[10]

At the time, she also faced pressure from her friends and family to accept a marriage proposal from her partner, the father of her child.[1] However, she did not feel prepared to take that step in life and turned down the proposal.

Transitioning into motherhood

Jade Rasif intends to continue keeping her son out of the public eye and with regards to her parenting style, she commented that it would be at her own pace and discretion.[10] Compared to her partner, Jade shared that she played the role of the “disciplinarian”, the parent that is stricter with her son.[10]

As a well-known influencer and professional DJ, Jade leads a fast-paced and busy life. She even had a short stint as an actress for Singapore television series, Tanglin. However, with the arrival of her son, her career has had to take a step back while she prioritises her time with her son.[10] With regards to this, she expressed that she has no complaints and even enjoys this balance between life and work more than ever.[10]

“I felt always this pressure to be like, cool. I was gonna go out, I was gonna party. Now I have no pressure and just tell everyone, “I’m a mother” and they understand.”[10]

Jade Rasif on her motherhood journey.

Disc jockey

Jade DJ-ing at Get Juiced. Photo from Facebook.

In 2018, Jade was ranked the 28th best DJ in SouthEast Asia and the 1st in Singapore by DJANE MAG.[11] That same year, she hosted the radio show, 'Unite with Tomorrowland On Air' with Flaremode on Billboard Radio China.[12] In a New Paper article that was published in 2015, Jade says:

"It (her DJ career) started off as a hobby that just got more and more addictive. Then, I signed with an agency and my career simply took off."[13]

As a DJ in Singapore, she reportedly earns up to S$1,000 for a one-hour set.[14] Jade started her professional career in 2015 when she signed to the Singaporean DJ agency, Altra Management.[15] Over the years, Jade has built an international presence having DJ-ed at overseas clubs and festivals.

Performances - Club sets & festivals

Jade has played at Singapore clubs like Marquee,[16] Baliza,[17][18][19] Zouk[20] and Get Juiced.[21] In 2018, she played her debut set at AVRY Singapore as part of the Ultra Singapore Countdown Tour.[22] Jade was the opening act for the British artist, Iyaz when he performed at Get Juiced in April 2019.[23] She has also DJ-ed at overseas clubs such as Aruku in Malaysia, Titanium Club in Indonesia[24] and Levels Club in Bangkok, Thailand.[25] From 2015 to 2017, Jade played sets on Its The Ship, an offshore music festival.[26][27][28]

Other endeavours

Millennials of Singapore - Host (2018 - present day)

Jade co-hosts the YouTube talk show, Real Talk by Millennials of Singapore with three other personalities - Johnathan Chua, Dew and Hashy Yusof. As of June 2020, she has hosted over 40 episodes of Real Talk. The show covers issues ranging from smoking to unplanned pregnancy. The four hosts discuss these issues while providing their opinions and personal anecdotes. The show occasionally features guest stars such as Mae Tan[29] and Nicole Chang Min.[30]

Tanglin - Cast (2015 - 2018)

Jade acted in the Singaporean television series, Tanglin for all three seasons.[31][32] In an interview with Miss Bish, she shared that the casting directors of the show had offered her the role through an e-mail.[33] Jade played the character, Sheila Oh, Jun Kai (Nat Ho)'s ex-girlfriend who believes that he still loves her. A mystery killer murders Sheila in Season 3.[34]

TNP New Face - Finalist (2013)

Jade (far right) during the award ceremony for TNP New Face 2013. Photo from The New Paper.

At 19 years old, Jade was the first runner-up for The New Paper New Face competition in 2013.[35][36] She was also conferred Subaru’s Miss Vivacious Subsidiary Award.[37] After the competition, Jade decided against a career in modelling due to the judgements she had faced during castings about her height.[38] In 2017, she was an invited judge for that year's TNP New Face pageant.

Newsworthy incident

Dismissal from Zouk (2016)

In 2016, Zouk terminated Jade's DJ residency over a dispute involving a DJ Marshmello imposter.[39] Jade had called out the club on social media, implying that Zouk knowingly cheated their audience by hiring the imposter.[40] Zouk released a statement clarifying that the imposter was a club-goer who had not been hired by Zouk.[41]

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