Gracie Hartie (Singapore Influencer)

Gracie Hartie is a Singaporean OnlyFans creator and social media influencer.[1] Best known for her content on subscription-based social media platform OnlyFans, Gracie recently made the headlines when she put out a job listing offering between S$5,200 and S$5,800 per month for a personal assistant.[2]

Gracie Hartie. Photo from Gracie’s Instagram.

As of 26 December 2022, Gracie’s OnlyFans has 248 posts and amassed over 13,000 likes.[1] According to FansMetrics, Gracie has at least 1,100 subscribers and draws a salary that ranges between S$8,900 and S$22,400 per month.[3] Gracie also has over 126,000 followers on Instagram, 63,500 followers on Twitter, and 114,300 followers on TikTok.[4][5][6]


Despite her celebrity status, Gracie does not openly share details of her private life in the public domain.

Joining the OnlyFans scene

On 24 June 2022, Gracie took to Twitter to share how and why she joined OnlyFans.[7] According to Gracie, she had “barely any social media presence” before 2020 and her friends knew her as someone who fiercely guarded her privacy.

However, Gracie shared that this did not stop her from being the target of unwanted attention:

“Despite my best efforts to avoid all forms of attention, I was a frequent target of voyeurism & was frequently stalked and objectified against my will.”[7]

She went on to comment on Singapore’s rampant voyeurism culture, sharing that she had her photos secretly taken by strangers at least once a week. Gracie claimed that she was also stalked a lot, to the extent that a stranger attempted to blackmail her with data he had apparently accumulated about her over a period of two years. Gracie proceeded to share that she had developed “severe anxiety” over the blackmail incident, but eventually came to a crossroads on what to do:

“I realised that I could either focus on the cards I’m dealt with, or I could put my energy on the hands I play.”[7]

Gracie therefore started her OnlyFans account as a way for her to “control the narrative”, leveraging the platform to monetise her sexuality.

Gracie Hartie’s OnlyFans subscription model

As of 5 January 2023, Gracie uses the following pricing model for subscriptions to her OnlyFans account[1]:

Number of Months Price
1 $22
3 $52.80
6 $92.40
12 $171.60

Search for a new personal assistant

Call for a new personal assistant (1 Nov 2022)

The job listing for a PA that Gracie put up. Screenshot from Gracie Hartie’s website.

On 1 November 2022, Gracie put out a job listing on her personal website looking for a personal assistant (PA) to help her manage her OnlyFans operations.[2] In the listing, Gracie indicated that her PA is required to be a proficient photographer and manage her collaborations with international gravure creators.

Sharing of benefits that the new PA will enjoy (5 Nov 2022)

Gracie’s freelance photographer grinding fresh matcha. Screenshot taken from Gracie’s TikTok.

On 4 November 2022, Gracie posted a follow-up video to showcase the benefits her new PA would potentially enjoy. In the 12-second clip, Gracie shared snippets of a male freelance photographer engaging in unique Japanese experiences such as visiting a matcha farm and grinding fresh matcha.[8]

In the comments, Gracie clarified that the photographer was a freelancer and that she was actively looking for a full-time PA.[8]

Addressing skepticism over the legitimacy of the PA role (5 Nov 2022)

Gracie’s Telegram conversation with her freelance photographer. Screenshot taken from Gracie’s TikTok.

Gracie’s call for a new PA was met with some skepticism, with one “user6778672292892” declaring that it was a “gimmick”, believing that Gracie would never hire a stranger to travel to Japan with her.[8]

In direct response to “user6778672292892”, Gracie posted a follow-up TikTok video where she shared a screenshot of her Telegram conversation with the aforementioned photographer.[9] The screenshot revealed that Gracie had paid for the photographer to travel to Japan with her, where she covered the costs of a hotel stay and a trip to Nara Park.

Announcement that a PA has been hired (23 Nov 2022)

Gracie revealing that her new PA is Eunice Ng. Collage by Must Share News, screenshots from Gracie’s TikTok.

On 23 November 2022, Gracie announced that she had hired a new PA on TikTok.[10] In the video, Gracie revealed that her new PA is Eunice Ng, who is better known as Mermaid Girl. Eunice once ran a TikTok account with the handle “”, where she went viral for declaring that she was the reason why girlfriends are protective over their boyfriends. In Gracie’s TikTok update, Eunice can be seen applying white paint while Gracie jokingly uses a stick to prod a spot on a wall.

In an interview with Must Share News, Eunice shared that she was initially paid S$3,200 a month while on probation.[11] As part of her job scope, she had to wash dishes, clean up Gracie’s houses, and pack her belongings. Eunice also shared that Gracie had reached out to her via Instagram to offer her the PA position after learning that she had come down with depression due to the backlash she received from her controversial video.

Speaking to AsiaOne, Eunice revealed that Gracie was a huge source of inspiration for her:

“She inspires me a lot and she's a really sweet person. She taught me how to deal with haters and seeing how successful she is, it inspires me to be like her.”[12]

Eunice also disclosed that Gracie had hired another man for the PA position, and that she was “competing” with him to determine who the better fit was.


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