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Das DD
Das DD profile.png
Other namesDharmadasa D Dharamahsena
EducationDiploma in Multimedia
Alma materNanyang Polytechnic
AwardsBest Rising Star at Star Awards 2023

Dharmadasa D Dharamahsena (born 1990), better known as Das DD is a Singapore comedian and actor.[1][2][3][4] He is best known for the viral “magic cup” video by Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) and for winning Best Rising Star at Star Awards 2023.[1][3]

Currently, he has over 20,200 followers on Instagram and 22,000 on TikTok, where he often posts short-form sketches and relatable videos with his family and friends.[5][6]


Personal life & family

Das DD is an only child who began picking up various languages from a young age.[4] In an interview with CNA, he mentioned that he learned Tamil from his parents, while Mandarin was taught to him during preschool.[4] As for Bahasa Melayu, Das was able to hone it with the help of his friends and National Service.[4]

“I’ve been talkative since I was young. I was an only child, so whenever I had an opportunity to meet someone, I would expend all of my energy on that person.”[4]


Das DD is an alumnus of Nanyang Polytechnic, where he pursued a diploma in Multimedia.[2]


Das DD is a self-claimed entertainer who does stand-up comedy, voice acting, and hosts events and variety shows. In 2020, he began participating in more acting projects, with some of his more notable ones being Reunion Dinner and Future Proof.

He also featured in a few acting roles for Workforce Singapore’s commercials, including ones for SGUnited Jobs Initiative and the Traineeship Programme.[7]

Das DD is pictured giving his Best Rising Star trophy a kiss. Photo from Instagram.

Acting and variety (2017 to Present)

In April 2023, Das DD made local headlines after becoming the first Indian to be nominated for and awarded Best Rising Star at Star Awards 2023. He received the award for his work on “#justswipelah”, a variety web series that covers content on food and lifestyle. On top of #justswipelah, Das has also participated in several other television and film projects, including “CrimeWatch”, “Future Proof”, and the CNY movie “Reunion Dinner”.

“I went to just promote the movie…and then I went to promote this show, and I was just myself, with the actor Lawrence Wong…and another veteran actress, her name is Xiang Yun…And then the following week they called me and said, ‘Why don’t you host?’ And I was like, “wow”. The whole point is: seize every opportunity, no opportunity is too small.”[8]

Acting and variety projects

Year Movie/Show Character Role Refs.
2022-2023 #justswipelah/刷一刷 Host [2]
2022 Reunion Dinner/团圆饭 AK Supporting [2]
2022 Soul Detective/灵探 Detective Supporting [2]
2022 Streamers Go Live/谁是带货王 Variety cast [2]
2022 Home Is Where the Heart Is Guru Supporting [2]
2022 金筷子 MAchelin 来了! Staff Supporting [2]
2021 Future Proof Manu Supporting [2]
2020 Couple Cosmo Supporting [2]
2020 ONLINE MEETING GOES WRONG! (WSG Commercial) Employer Main [2]
2020 CrimeWatch 2020 - Ep 1 Armed robber Supporting [2]
2018 Ali Baba by Randy Ang (15 Shorts) Mohamad Basbar Supporting [2]
2018 Senior Management Operations Personnel 2 Supporting [2]
2017 Intercept Supporting [2]
In 2020, Das DD starred in NOC’s “magic cup” parody, which quickly went viral. Screenshot from Facebook.

Night Owl Cinematics (2018 to 2021)

Das DD joined Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) in 2018, and he regularly appears in their YouTube segments, such as challenge videos and comedy skits. In fact, his most notable work was the Prime Minister Parody.[2] As part of an IMDA and SGUnited initiative, Das starred in a series of episodes that featured a caricature of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s circuit breaker address.[2] He also hosted FoodKing’s livestreams and co-hosted NOC’s The Good Scoop news series with local influencer, Nicole Liel.[9]

“I think it was very nice. I think as a comedian, you’ll always feel very happy when you parody or sort of make fun of someone [and] the other person receives it with a lot of love. ‘Cause obviously when you make fun of someone, you’re always afraid that they might be offended, right? But then he took it with, so well, so I was just very flattered, especially ‘cause he’s a Prime Minister.”[10]

Hosting (2019 to Present)

Year Event Refs.
2021 Marine Parade National Day Celebrations [2]
2020 Hardy Mirza FanMeet [2]
2020 Lazada Livestream (Marina Square) [2]
2019 MAKBESAR Just Shop and Celebrate Event [2]
2018 KassimBaba LiveFest Upsize [2]
Lazada Livestream for Dettol [2]
SCHOOLSOUT! Festival (by Tang Tea House) [2]
Tekka Market Livestream (English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil) [2]

Stand-up Comedy (2019 to Present)

Das DD occasionally performs as a stand-up comedian at various events, such as radio station Kiss 92’s 5th Anniversary Picnic @ Marina Barrage.[2]

Media coverage

Das DD (second from left) pictured with fellow actors at Star Awards 2023. Photo from Instagram.

Star Awards 2023 Best Rising Star - #justswipelah

In 2023, Das DD was nominated for the Best Rising Star at Star Awards 2023.[1][2] He later received the accolade for his work as a host on the Mediacorp web variety series, #justswipelah.[1][2] He also made several headlines for being the first Indian to receive an award in the performance category of the event, which is known for being a chinese-medium awards ceremony.[1][3][4]

“I was so shocked to the point that I don't know how to speak Mandarin anymore. I really want to thank our #justswipelah production team…you really believed in me, letting me host a Mandarin programme. I really have to give it to you, if it were up to me, I would not have chosen me…I also want to thank those who watch #justswipelah regularly and my fans…I didn’t give up, and [my mother] didn’t force me to give up and she persevered with me.”[4]

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